How to Prevent & Control Flies in Your El Segundo, CA Restaurant, Cafe or Food Industry Business

Restaurants are all about the senses; mist want to offer pleasant music, perfect lighting, mouth-watering smells that come from the kitchen, and of course the flavor that pops from the food. However, pests are unwelcomed visitors that can sour the whole experience that is otherwise enjoyable, including flies. Whether you work in or run a…

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Signs of Black Carpenter Ants & How to Get Rid of Ant Pest Infestations in Your El Monte, CA

From time to time, nearly everyone will experience an ant infestation in their home. Commonly more of a nuisance, these insects raid our houses in search of crumbs and other edible delights as well as delivering obnoxiously annoying pinches they inflict. Out of the ants likely to invade your Southern California home, carpenter ants top…

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How to Get Rid of Termites in Dana Point, CA; Signs, Where Termite Colony May Live & More

Dampwood, drywood, and subterranean termites are all present throughout Southern California. Most termites are a year round problem, though during the colder months they often retreat into warmer places to survive. Termites are a detriment to any home or business, as it usually takes the owners years to see the damage. However, knowing the basics…

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