How to Get Rabbits Out of Your Lake Arrowhead, CA Garden & Keep Rabbit Pests Away

If you are a gardener, you know how much time and effort it takes to get everything in your garden to grow. Before you can even plant a garden, you have to research what grows in your area. Then you must put in the time and energy to build your garden bed. After that you can go on to planting your seeds. Gardeners literally spend hours out in their gardens getting everything set up just the way they want it. Once you have your garden just right it is so discouraging to find cute little rabbits eating the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor. If you have rabbits pestering your garden Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. has some tips for you on how to keep them away.

Rabbit Repellent & Prevention

Rabbits come to your garden looking for a place to live and some food to eat. Clearly you do not want to get rid of the food options in your garden, but you can make it harder for them to want to live in your garden. Rabbits do not like to live in open spaces. They prefer to live in areas with dense vegetation. If your garden has long shrubs or grass, you will want to trim them down. Sometimes gardeners have piles of branches or other items near their garden that rabbits like to hide in as well. Taking the time to remove those piles will make your garden look less appealing to them and they will go in search of another home. When rabbits are hungry, they use their sense of smell to direct them to a food source. They are extremely sensitive to strong odors. If you apply a strong smelling repellent to the plants in your garden it will prevent the rabbits from wanting to come and see what you have to eat. You can purchase repellents from your local nursery or make your own.

Decorative Rabbit Fencing

In addition to cleaning up your garden you can do a few other things to help prevent rabbits from getting into your garden. Many gardeners choose to put a fence around their garden. You can build your fence out of simple chicken wire. Chicken wire is inexpensive and extremely easy to install. Rabbits do tend to get a little creative in finding things to jump off to help them get over fences so make sure that you build a tall enough fence to truly keep them out. You can also put netting on your vegetable beds, shrubs, and fruit crops to keep rabbits from eating them.

Noises that Scare Rabbits

You can also use ultrasonic devices to keep the rabbits away. There are devices that you can purchase that make sounds that frighten rabbits and encourage them to leave your garden. The downside to these is that eventually the rabbits simply get used to the sounds and they are no longer scared of them.

Dogs Deter Rabbits

Another way to keep the rabbits from choosing your garden is to have a dog in your yard. For some people this is not an option that they want to consider. If you are a dog lover or have someone in the family that has been begging for a dog, you may want to think about it. Many times, having a dog in your yard will keep the rabbits away from your garden.

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If none of these tips work for you give Animal Pest Management Services a call today. We can come out and help you get rid of the rabbits in your garden. Our technicians are skilled in rabbit removal and will be able to help you in no time at all!

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