Fly Control

There may be no bigger nuisance pest out there than flies. They are irritating and always making their appearance at the most inopportune times not to mention they are filthy and transmit bacteria that contaminates our food and makes it ill. Animal Pest Management Services is here to talk about the different fly species that you will find in Southern California.

House Fly Infestations

The most common fly you will find in Southern California is the common house fly. It is about ¼ inch long and dark grey. You can usually see the dark stripes down its back as it lays its eggs on animal feces and swarms around trash. They are constantly flying around to find the perfect place to lay their eggs and have been known to fly up to two miles to do so.

Cluster Flies

These flies look similar to the house fly but have fine golden hairs all over their bodies. Cluster flies aren’t associated with filth like many of the other flies you will find, but they do invade your house if you don’t have it sealed. They are usually looking for a place to escape the cold; mainly during the fall months. One fun fact about the cluster fly is that they lay their eggs on the back of earth worms. The larvae then consumes the earthworm as it grows to adulthood.

Blow Flies in House

The blow fly is known for laying its eggs inside dead animals. Since the larvae develop inside the animal, this can cause the animal to bloat and that’s where the fly’s name originates from. They are attracted to trash as well. These flies are unique in color with an iridescent body of bronze or black.

Fly Inspections, Control & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Other flies you might find in Southern California include flesh flies and stable flies. If you are ever battling a fly or other pest infestation, the experts at Animal Pest Management Services can assist. Contact us today!

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