Wasp Control

Wasps are known for their aggressive nature and painful sting. There are several wasp species that call Southern CA their home. The pest experts at Animal Pest Management Services are here to identify the wasps you may see in your area.

Yellow Jacket Wasp

One single yellow jacket colony may have up to 1,000 workers. Their smooth black and yellow striped bodies are easily recognizable. These social wasps are known to be incredibly aggressive and when they feel their colony is threatened, they will retaliate with a painful sting. They build paper nests that should never be handled on your own.

Bald Faced Hornet

This wasp/hornet hybrid is black with ivory markings on its sleek body. This is one of the most aggressive of the wasp family and will sting multiple times when threatened. They have venom they can squirt from their stinger into the eyes of any nest intruders. This venom can cause temporary blindness. The queen collects cellulose from rotting wood and chews it to make the paper nests. These nests can be up to 2 feet tall at times.

Paper Wasp

The paper wasp isn’t near as aggressive as the yellow jacket or bald faced hornet. They build their paper nests in sheltered areas and feed off of nectar and small insects. Paper wasps can grow up to 1 inch long and have a black body with yellow markings.

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Other wasps commonly found in Southern CA include the mud dauber wasp and Ichneumon Wasp. If you find wasps anywhere on your property, it is important that you let the experts at Animal Pest Management Services handle them to avoid their painful sting. Contact us today for all your pest control and wildlife and removal needs.

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