Rabbits & Bats

When you have a bat or rabbit problem, Animal Pest Management Services knows how irritating and damaging it can be. Choosing our team of highly trained technicians will ensure your rabbit and bat problem is dealt with quickly and completely. We have the resources and skills to keep these nuisance and harmful pests away from your home and property.

Are Bats Harmful to Humans? Diseases, Parasites & More

Bats in general are good for the ecosystem. They keep the insect population down and under control. Bats do however, carry with them a health risk such as rabies and histoplasmosis. They also carry fleas and ticks which can be a threat to you and your pets. Finally, bat guano can start to build up on or in your home where you have bats roosting. Because of the health and safety risk, bat removal should be left to the experts at Animal Pest Management Services.

Signs of Bat Infestations in Walls, Attic, Roofs & House

When you have bats living in your walls or attic, you can often hear them flapping their wings. Whenever they hear the loud slam of a door or other noises, they will be alarmed and start to move around. Another sure sign of bats is the presence of bat guano on your walls or windowsills. This looks very similar to mouse droppings, but slightly larger.

Are Cottontail Rabbits Damaging to Grass Lawns & Yards?

Cottontail rabbits can be a significant problem, particularly in HOA landscaping. They cause expensive damage to turf and shrubs. Cottontail rabbits multiply quickly, averaging three to four young per litter and they can have up to six litters per year. Rabbits are also potential carriers of diseases and parasites. It is legal to control cottontail rabbits by lethal means when they are causing damage to property but hiring a professional pest control company is recommended.

Signs of Rabbit Infestations in Gardens & Yards

The biggest sign of a rabbit infestation is damage to your property. They will strip your gardens and vegetation in no time. Another key sign of rabbit infestation are droppings. Their small pellets pile up quickly and are a good indication of a problem.

Bat & Rabbit Inspections, Control & Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Animal Pest Management Services performs exclusions for control of bats as well as rabbit control and removal. Call us today to talk with an urban wildlife specialist to learn how we can help solve your insect and animal pest problems with guaranteed results.

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