One of the most effective ways to eliminate wildlife populations is with professional trapping techniques. This is not only the humane way to eliminate these nuisances, but it is also the most successful way to get rid of them. At Animal Pest Management Services, we use trapping to assist our valued customers in the removal of nuisance wildlife and keep their property and pets safe from any potential predators. We are a leading authority in trapping. Our team of experts include Licensed Trappers and Capture Specialists trained in wild animal behavior with years of field experience developing effective techniques for all types of wildlife. Animal Pest Management Services stocks a large quantity of traps in multiple sizes to handle any trapping job. We also can fabricate custom traps for specific terrain or any pest from mice to bears to birds.

Prevent Spread of Disease

Many of the animals that we trap including raccoons, rabbits, feral cats and more, can be carriers of life threatening diseases. Any bite or injury from any of these nuisance wildlife animals can pose a serious health risk. By eliminating them from your property, you are safeguarding yourself and those you love from potential illnesses.

Trapping Offers Protection for Other Animal Populations

If you have nuisance wildlife that poses a threat to other animals and is considered a predator, trapping these animals can protect other species. Some ground and cavity nesting birds are able to build their population when predator populations are reduced.

Protect Your Property by Trapping Nuisance & Property Wildlife Animals

Some wildlife animals can cause damage to your property if they are left to their devices. Raccoons are constantly rummaging through your trash and making a mess of your yard. Other animals may be eating your garden like rabbits. Whether they are digging up your property to build their home or posing a threat to your pets, trapping wildlife is the most effective way to get rid of any of these nuisances.

Trapping Services Include:

Animal Pest Management Services has developed effective methods to humanely trap these potential animal pests with Guaranteed Results!
– Birds
– Coyotes
– Opossums
– Raccoons
– Skunks
– Feral Pigs
– Feral Cats
– Rabbits

Wildlife Trapping Services

Call Animal Pest Management Services today and talk with an Urban Wildlife Professional to see how we can help solve your wild animal, rodent, insect and other pest problems.

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