Blow Flies in Your Valley Center, CA House All of a Sudden? How to Get Rid of a Fly Infestation

Blow flies can be found worldwide and will thrive in any environment. Blow flies are most often found feeding on dead animals or buzzing around garbage disposal areas. These flies can become a major nuisance and even cause harm. Blow flies always find a way to sneak inside your home, or continuously bug you while you are outside. For those seeking a solution to controlling blow flies, Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share more about blow flies and how you can control them.

Blow Fly Identification

Blow flies are easy to identify. They have a metallic blue and green body that shimmers in the light. They also have a wide body and a bigger head than other flies. There are many species of Blow flies as well. They are well known to swarm dead animals. However, blow fly adults don’t always feast on dead animals as many believe. Blow flies actually prefer to feed on flower nectar, plant sap, and other natural sugars. Blow flies like to mate and then lay their egg on dead animals which is nature’s way of recycling the dead. The eggs hatch and the fly larva or maggots feed on the dead flesh. Depending on the season, the larva will either mature into adult flies or retreat and burrow into the ground. They will then emerge as adult flies when the temperatures warm up.

Bacteria Can Be Transferred from Blow Flies

Where blow flies help play their role in the wild, in urban settings they are regarded as a nuisance and even a threat. In urban areas, blow flies will mostly congregate around garbage cans. However, since blow flies will crawl around feces, and dead tissue, they will often pick up bacteria or viruses such as dysentery, typhus and even cholera.

How to Prevent a Blowfly Infestation

To help control blow flies you will first need to prevent any breeding or feeding sites for them. Watch out for dead animals near your home and have them properly disposed of. A major breeding and feeding ground for flies is the garbage can. All discarded food should always be sealed tightly in a garbage bag. When the bag is placed in the garbage can, bin or in the dumpster, make sure the lid is on tightly. Other pests such as rodents will try and rip open the bags, so make sure the bags are in a strong container and closed. There are a number of fly traps and bait that you can use to reduce the fly population. Many can be used inside and outside of the home. Flies may be drawn by your pets, moisture and even around your garden. You can place fly traps and bait anywhere where they seem to congregate. If a large number of flies have invaded inside your home, a pest control service can treat your home. It is recommended that you have screens over the windows and consider a fly screen over your door so flies can’t enter in when you open the door. Make sure there are no gaps that flies can use to crawl through and enter your home as well.

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