Reasons Why Bees are Important to the Ecosystem in Norco, CA. Plant Bee Friendly Garden Design

Who doesn’t love the diversity in flowers and plant life that grow around us each day? Believe it or not, in order for those beautiful plants to grow, you need more than just sunshine and soil. Bees actually play a large role in the ecosystem around us. Unfortunately, their population is in decline all around the world. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc is here to talk about the vital role that bees play in our world and why it is so important that we take the necessary steps to help their population continue to grow.

Plant Flowers in a Bee Friendly Garden Design

One of the biggest ways you can help in keeping the bee population strong is planting a bee friendly garden. This will encourage bees to continue to play their role in our ecosystem. The ways that bees suffer is from things like development, abandoned farms and plants that have been treated with certain pesticides. Here are the ways that bees are so important to us:
Role in Pollinators & Importance of Pollination: Who doesn’t love a juicy apple, peach or even lush vegetables like broccoli? Did you know that many plants can’t germinate without the help of bees? To germinate, the pollen has to be moved from the male part of the flower to the female part. As bees move in their search for nectar, they move around the pollen as well.
Wild Plant Population: Bees don’t just assist local farmers in growing their crops, but the nuts, berries and seeds that feed many other animals in the wild depend on bees to help them germinate as well.
We Wouldn’t Have Many Foods Without Bees: Not only humans love the honey that bees produce. There are several critters that will search diligently for a hive they can raid to get some of that delicious treat. Bees are a food source for other insects as well including spiders, praying mantises and even several small bird species eat bees to survive.
Habitat Creators: Bees don’t just build beautiful hives, they also play an important role in our forests and woodlands. The trees that are a home to many animals wouldn’t exist without the help of bees.
Biodiversity: As you can see above, there isn’t any part of our ecosystem that bees don’t play a big role in. They are necessary to keep our world going round. Their contribution to the complex ecosystem we live in make it so our world is as diverse as they come.

Bee Pest Inspection, Relocation & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Because bees are so important to our world, it is vitally important that you don’t harm them when they are found on your property. If you find bees on your property, it is important that you call on the pest professionals at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc as soon as possible so they can be relocated properly. While bees are generally docile, there is still a risk of being stung when you disturb them and they feel threatened. And then there is also the chance that what you think are bees are actually aggressive wasps which will need to be removed for the safety of your loved ones. Call us today!

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