Severe Roach Infestation Causes, Signs, Treatment & Prevention in My Carlsbad, CA House or Apartment

When your home is overrun with cockroaches, it makes your skin crawl. The thought of those disgusting pests taking over your home is the subject of nightmares. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for a couple of cockroaches to turn into many more. Not only that, if you are noticing their presence during the day, there…

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How to Get Rid of Norway Rats & How Did this Invasive Rodent Species Travel to Chino, CA & North America?

Norway rats are found throughout America, including our great State of California. These disease ridden and destructive rodents are believed to have originated from Asia and first came to America aboard ships in the late 1700’s. Norway rats are a larger rat species that can cause damage to your home and commercial property in addition…

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