Coyote Control in Glendale, CA; How to Repel, Deter & Get Rid of Coyotes from Your Yard

Coyotes can be found all across America and are becoming bolder as time passes. Coyotes for the most part, stay away from people and keep to themselves. However, as urban cities expand, the natural living environment for coyotes shrinks. This forces them to learn how to live and adapt to urban life. Coyotes pose certain problems such as they are a carrier of disease and viruses, especially those that affect canines. They can be destructive when searching for a food source and they have been known to attack and kill pets. They also pose a problem for farms as they will hunt and kill birds and livestock. When faced with a coyote problem, you will want to practice proper exclusion methods to help keep coyotes out or away from your home. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share some proper coyote exclusion methods to help keep coyotes out of your yard.

How to Keep Coyotes Away

The first step in exclusion is not make your yard inviting. This mean you will want to avoid feeding them. As coyotes become more desperate they will learn to eat anything they find. You will want to make sure never to leave pet food or your pets outside. Keep trash cans sealed so coyotes can’t knock them over and eat the contents. Coyotes will eat out of birdfeeders and even fallen fruit or vegetables from a garden. For those with gardens, livestock, or birds, you should fence them in and secure them so that coyotes can’t get to them. Remember, coyotes are agile and great at jumping and climbing up and over fencing or underneath them.

Remove Water Sources to Deter Coyotes

Water features often become a problem. Bird baths, ponds or pools can also entice coyotes when they are desperate for water. When having a water feature in your yard, make sure to consider the risk. Coyotes diligently search for food and water sources. By ridding your home of both water and food, you will reduce the chances of having coyotes invade your yards.

Coyote Deterrent Fence & Repellents

Motion sensor lights are a great way to keep coyotes away. They don’t like to be noticed or in the light. Therefore, they typically will come out at dusk and scrounge around throughout the night time. Day time invasions are rare but do occur. Electrical wires around the bottom and tops of fences help discourage digging or jumping through fencing. Motion sensor sprinklers scare coyotes away as well. These devices shoot off water when motion is detected and will run for three seconds. Fence or wall rollers are successful in keeping coyotes out as well. They are a roller much like a skateboard wheel that goes across a wall so when a coyote attempts to jump the wall their foot paws can’t grip to pull themselves up and over the wall. Some scented products also help keep coyotes away. However many of them require reapplication after it rains.

Coyote Inspections, Control & Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Coyotes are quite skilled and sometimes hard to deter. Sometimes you may need the aid of a pest control company that deals with wildlife and coyote capture. There are a number of traps to capture and remove coyotes from your prperty. For those who have determined coyotes, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. We specialize in wildlife control and can help with coyotes and other wildlife pests.

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