Does a Chilean Recluse Spider Bite Result in a Blister? How to Get Rid of Spiders in Palm Desert, CA

Is California home to one of the most dangerous Recluse Spider species? The Chilean recluse spider is considered to be the most venomous species of recluse spider in the world, and they are found here in the state of California. The Chilean Recluse spider is most frequently seen in Southern areas of California, but they have been reported statewide. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share more about this dangerous spider and why you don’t want this particular spider crawling around your home.

Chilean Recluse Spider Identification

The Chilean Recluse spider ranges in size but can reach almost two inches in length which includes their legs. Most recluse spider species are brown in color with distinct markings on the thorax in the shape of a violin. Many have given recluse spiders the nickname “Fiddle Back” or “Violin Spider” due to this very distinctive marking. However, many recluse spiders are various shades of brown. Of the lighter brown colored species of recluse, which the Chilean Recluse spider is one, you may not always be able to make out the violin marking on its thorax. Another way to identify a Chilean Recluse spider, or any other recluse species for that matter, is by their eyes. Although very few of us wants to get up close enough to see their eyes, know that recluse spiders are one of the fewer species of spider to only have six eyes. The majority of spider species have eight. Additionally, recluse spider eyes are together in three pairs, forming a triangle. This trait is found in hunter or predator spiders.

Chilean Recluse Spiders in Los Angeles, CA

Recluse spiders are known to hide in clothing, in boxes, under woodpiles, yard debris, and in areas that are usually left undisturbed. Recluse spiders are often found in homes, garages and sheds. The Chilean Recluse spider is native to South America. Even so, they have been spread outside their natural habitat through transportation. Typically, Chilean Recluse spiders don’t thrive out of their natural habitat. Nonetheless, studies have shown that they have adapted in the Greater Los Angeles, California areas, along with other warm coastal areas, even Florida. Most likely the Chilean Recluse spiders became widespread through the various fruit shipments from South America.

Chilean Recluse Spider Bite

The Chilean Recluse spider bite is known to be the most potent or severe out of all the recluse spider species. However, the good news is they are not an aggressive spider and bites only occur accidentally or when the spider feels threatened. Many of the recorded recluse spider bites have happened when a spider was hiding in clothing that a person put on or was rummaging through the closet and unknowingly encountered a Chilean Recluse spider or Brown Recluse spider. The Chilean Recluse spider bites are serious and do require medical attention immediately. A bite from a Chilean Recluse spider causes reddened skin that may be followed by a blister at the bite site. Their bites have been known to cause death or severe lesions and even leave behind some forms of skin disease.

Spider Inspections, Control & Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

The mid and southern areas of California stay warm all year long. Therefore, the Chilean Recluse spider can become a year round pest problem. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and those in it, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. We can perform pest control to help keep pests out of your home and business, including the dangerous Chilean Recluse spider. For your entire pest management needs, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today.

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