What Attracts Mice in Santa Ana, CA? How to Get Rid of & Repel Mice from the Walls of Your House

Even though the temperatures don’t fluctuate much in Southern California, there is still a risk of mice invading your home. It doesn’t take much to attract them, and once they have found their way in, it can seem nearly impossible to get rid of them. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is here to talk about some tips that can help you keep mice out of your home.

What Food Attracts Mice?

The number one thing that attracts mice is food. They will be attracted to food of all kinds.
– Bird food is something that mice will devour. While it might be nice to see the birds congregate outside in your backyard for the newest serving of bird feed, this same bird feed attracts mice as well. Not only will bird feed attract mice, but other wildlife and insects as well.
– Storing your pet’s food in bulk seems like a way to save money and time, but even when you are storing it in a container with a lid, the smell of the food will attract mice. If you decide to buy dog food in bulk, make sure it is stored in a container that is air tight and won’t allow the aroma to hang in the air, attracting mice in the meantime. If you happen to spill any of your pet’s food, don’t leave it and clean it up right away to avoid mice.
– Unfortunately, even when you think food is rotten and no good anymore, mice disagree with you. They will seek out any garbage they can smell. They don’t mind one bit that all the food is rotten. Store your garbage in containers with a tight fitting lid, and keep it away from the entrance of your home.

Pest Control Home Sealing

Did you realize that a mouse can fit through an opening as small as a dime? It doesn’t take much to give mice a free pass into your home. Many people don’t realize that something as small as leaving your garage door open longer than you need to will invite and allow mice to enter into your home effortlessly. You should always check your foundation for any cracks or holes that mice could potentially make their way into your home through. Lastly, there are small openings and gaps around your air conditioner that may need to be sealed to keep mice out of your home.

Rodent Inspections, Control & Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

If mice are left to take over your home, they can chew through wires, causing fire hazards as well as cause other damage to the inside of your walls. Let alone the diseases they carry and can transmit to you or those you love. When you find one mouse, you can rest assured there are more where that one came from. The experts at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. have the training and resources needed to eradicate a mouse problem in your home or business. Call us today for more information on rodent control.

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