How to Keep Spiders & Pests Out of Your Ontario, CA Home this Christmas Holiday Season

The change in the temperature outside from hot to cold happens to be the start of the holiday season. The holidays are a time to spend with your family and friends and of course an opportune time to decorate. The season just cannot officially begin until the stockings are hung and the tree is lit! This means that you need to put some work in to get your decor out of storage and to start the decorating party. Studies have shown that people that decorate for the holidays early are happier through the holiday season. The problem can come when you bring your holiday decorations only to find that pests have come in too. The pests are a problem during the season for a few reasons. The cold weather will often send them in the house looking for a warmer place to stay.

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc Lists Ways to Keep Pests Out When Bringing Holiday Decorations in

What Causes Insects & Pests to Come in During Holiday Decorating: If you think about the decorations that you have brought in the house for the holidays it will make sense. The boxes and bins that you are housing your decorations in are being stored out in the garage, attic, basement and even at a storage unit. Those happen to be the same areas that pests love to spend their time. They tend to be found in these areas living and thriving. Now when you place your boxes and bins out at the end of the season you are leaving them open for the pests to get in too. The pests will get in the boxes and bins and then when you get them out and bring them in about a year later they come out. The problem is that now instead of in the garage, they are now in the house. There are ways to stop this from happening.
Air Out The Christmas Decoration Boxes: When you are ready to get out the old holiday decorations it is best to give them some space. The best thing you can do is have a table set up so that you can take the boxes out of the house and air them out. You can open them up and even pull out many of the items. This will give the pests a chance to get out of the decorations and run off for another suitable place to stay. You want to give them a few hours to ensure that they are mostly out.
Don’t Bring the Christmas Tree Right Inside: If you have an artificial tree in your home the same goes for it. You want to air out the box and even open it outdoors. If you are purchasing a tree that is live it is best to also leave it out. One mistake that many people make is to bring the tree from the lot in the house then untie it. The problem is that pests can be hiding and often are. You can find spiders, beetles and more.

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