Mouse Myths in Hawthorne, CA; Can Mice Spread Diseases to Humans, Will Mice Attack & More

When you think of mice, you might think of their witty and charming nature portrayed in cartoons. Or you might think of them wreaking havoc in your home. While they may not seem like the worst pest you could be stuck dealing with, too many of them can quickly become a problem. If we can correct some common misconceptions about mice, we will be better equipped to deal with them. Animal Pest Management busts some common myths below.

Do Mice have Hollow Bones?

Even though mice are able to squeeze through tight spaces, they are vertebrate mammals just like us with musculoskeletal systems. The real reason they are able to fit through tight spaces is the fact that they do not have collar bones like we do.

Do Mice Live on Their Own?

While cartoons usually depict mice on their own, outdoor mice and house mice usually live in groups. If you see one mouse in your home, it is safe to say that there are a lot more. They breed often and give birth to litters of 6-8 mice up to 10 times a year.

Can Mice Spread Diseases to Humans?

Mice can carry different diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. These diseases will be harmful to you and your family.

Does Having a Cat Keep Mice Away?

Even though cats do catch mice when they have the chance, using one to control the mice population in your home is not a good idea. Mice are not deterred by the fact that a cat is in the house. While your cat may be able to catch a few, there are usually way more mice than you think they are. Despite your cat’s best efforts, they simply cannot compete with the mice outnumbering them. Mice can also get into small spaces that cats cannot reach and transmit diseases, parasites, and toxins to your feline friend.

Do Mice Go Outside to Die?

If this were true, we wouldn’t have to deal with any odor from dead mice. Unfortunately, mice often die in their nests. If you want to remove the dead mouse yourself, use protective gloves.

Is the Best Food to Catch Mice Cheese?

Even though mice eat cheese, they also eat pretty much anything else. The best bait to use is the food they appear to be eating or what they are using as nesting material.

Do Mice Only Live in Dirty Places?

If mice can find food and shelter at your home, it won’t matter how clean it is.

Will Mice Attack You?

If a mouse feels trapped, they can become defensive and lash out at you by scratching or biting.

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Now that you know the truth about mice, you will be better at preventing and getting rid of them. If you need professional help, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc.

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