Norway Rat Control in Desert Hot Springs, CA; Signs of Rodent Infestation, Prevention of Rats & More

While there are several species of rat found throughout America, none is more common then the Norway rat. Norway rats are believed to have originated from Asia and arrived to the Americas on ships. You can find Norway rats around the world and can adapt to many different types of climates. You can find Norway rats in both urban and rural areas as they are aggressive invaders. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share how to identify Norway rats as well as signs of their invasion and how you can control them.

Picture the Norway Rat

Norway rats have bad sight and are considered color blind. However, they make up for it with enhance smell and hearing. They are also great climbers as well as swimmers. Norway rats have a brown shaggy fur with sprinkles if black. Their underbelly is usually lighter and very from a yellowish, gray or white color. Their eye and ears are consider small to their body size, and have a hairless tail and shorter in length then the rest of the rat’s body. Unlike other rat species the Norway rat’s nose is round and not pointy, and they are reach up to 7 ½ feet long.

Signs of Norway Rats

Norway rats will often gnaw their way through walls to gain access to buildings and other human structures. As they begin to chew their way through, the homeowner can often detect their presence by their gnaw marks. Another sign of rats in general are brownish greasy looking streak marks along the wall. These marks are the trails that Norway rats frequently use. When these trails are discovered they are the best places to install traps or baits. Rat droppings can also help clue the homeowner that they have a rodent problem. Lastly, rat sightings are always an indication of an infestation.

How to Prevent Norway Rats

When controlling a rat infestation it is strongly encouraged to seek professional assistance. A professional pest control service has training and experience. Additionally they come with quality baits, traps, and deterrents that you won’t find at the store. It is important to react quickly and properly as Norway rats reproduce very quickly as well as mature. However, there are number of step the homeowner can take to help treat and prevent future rat invasions. First the homeowner should actively remove all possible food and water sources. Repair leaky plumbing and avoid leaving pet food outside. Next make sure to seal trash outside, as well as eliminate clutter. Yard waste pile, clutter and other forms of debris also attracts rats. They make perfect nesting areas as well as provide shelter from predators. The cleaner the perimeter as well as the surrounding property is, the less likely rats will come to invade.

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