How to Get Rid of Infestations of Black Widow Spiders in Your Cypress, CA Home & Yard

Black widow spiders can be found all over America, including in California. Black widow spiders thrive in almost any environment from rural to urban surroundings. They don’t intentionally invade homes they just often follow a food source. However, black widow spiders will also inhabit any area in the yard which can make them a threat. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share more about black Widow spiders and how you can help control them around your home as well as in your yard.

Black Widow Spider Identification

Black widow spiders have become an iconic symbol and their image is used frequently, most typically the females. Female black widows are the most feared due to their venomous bite. Male black widows are much smaller than the female and do not have a lethal bite unlike the female. Males also look much different than the female as well. Therefore, many people misidentify males. Females have that black shiny color with the bright red hour glass marking on the underside of her abdomen. She also has a round robust abdomen with long legs. Males will share the same leg shape and have a small oval shaped abdomen. They often lack the red hour glass marking. A female can measure one and a half inches in length when her legs are extended. The males are only one half inch long. Males also vary in color, but most often are a light brownish color with a spotted abdomen.

Where Do Black Widows Live?

Black widows are often found in sheds, garages, and outside. They hide in holes in block walls or planters. Black widow spiders hide during the day and come out at night. They build irregular style webs that have a shiny glimmer. Black widows will build their web near a dark place where they can hide. Black widows are not aggressive in nature. Males rarely bite and the female usually will only bite if her egg sacs are threatened. Most black widow spiders will run and hide before biting an intruder. However, their bite, and mainly the female bite, can be harmful, proving fatal to young children, the elderly and those with sensitive systems. There are anti-venom treatments and if administered quickly, most people recover quickly. Regardless, due to the potential harm, black widow spiders should always be controlled.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Infestations

Exclusion is the first step in black widow control. Essentially you will want to keep black widow spiders out of your home. Make sure that your home is inaccessible to spiders and other pests. Black widow spiders follow their food. By keeping other pests out, it helps to keep black widows away. Windows and doors are often a good place to start. Doors use weather stripping to seal the door when it is shut. Make sure the weatherstripping is still serviceable and if needed, replace the weather stripping. Window screens must be fitted tight and in good condition to help keep spiders and other pests from entering inside the home. The edges of the window frame at times may need to be resealed. Additionally, consider covering dryer vents and attic vents as well as chimneys with a fine screen to prevent entry. After sealing the home, make sure there are less places outside for black widows to hide. Maintain a clean and clutter free yard and maintain the landscape. This can help reduce black widows outside your home.

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Lastly a professional pest control can add more defense to your home. When combating spiders and other pests, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today!

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