How to Keep Cottontail Rabbits Out of Your Laguna Beach, CA Yard, Garden Beds & Lawn

The cottontail rabbit is found all throughout the state of California. They destroy many local lawns and gardens. Rabbits will dig under plants for shelter and to eat at the roots within the ground. They will also eat surface plants. In addition, they reproduce rapidly which in time can cause a lot of damage. Due to the nature of rabbits they are regarded as a pest. Many home and business owners require wildlife control to help prevent rabbits from destroying their expensive landscaping. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share how to prevent and control rabbits around your landscaping and gardens.

How to Keep Rabbits Off Your Lawn

Rabbits are a shy critter that will mostly hide out during daylight hours and feed closer to dawn or dusk. They will venture out of their burrows as long as there is plenty of vegetation or other obstructions to provide them cover from predators. To help reduce a rabbit’s desire to call your yard home, you must deny them shelter or cover, as well as food and water. Where rabbits have a wide range diet, feeding on many different types of plants, your main focus should be on denying them water and shelter. Start by maintaining a clean yard. Keep grass short, and bushes and shrubs manicured. Prevent overgrowth of plants and keep at least the bottom 12 inches clear and open. Avoid having a lot of clutter or debris piled around the yard. Rabbits will climb inside or underneath debris and dig their burrows underneath the clutter. Lastly, avoid having any ground level water features as well. Repair any leaking spouts or faucets outside. You don’t want to provide rabbits with a reliable water source.

Best Fence Panels for Rabbits

Another method you can use is fencing off rabbits favorite feeding areas. Occasionally you may need to fence off the entire yard. However, in most cases that isn’t necessary. Areas you may want to consider fencing off may be those locations rabbits like to burrow. You may want to fence off near certain structures such as around the foundation of home and outer buildings, around decks, porches, and sheds. For those who love gardening you will want to fence off your garden. Make sure the fence is buried inside the ground at least 6 inches deep and is 48 inches high. Rabbits will try to dig underneath the fence or they can jump over too short of a fence. You may also want to fence off young trees and flower beds. Some people may even dig a small trench a foot away from the fence to help protect their gardens.

Blood Meal Fertilizer Repels Rabbits

Another method to prevent rabbits is using scare tactics. Use a “blood meal fertilizer.” This isn’t just a fertilizer but it works as a rabbit repellent at the same time. The scent of blood naturally deters rabbit. They regard the scent as danger and want to stay away. You can sprinkle the fertilizer on the surface of your yards and garden to help repel rabbits. Side note: don’t over use blood meal fertilizer as it can burn the plants. Apply lightly and only in areas where the rabbits seem to want to feed. There are other scent repellents that can be used to deter and scare away rabbits, such as coyote or fox urine scented repellents. You can even use dog hair. False owl or hawk figures can work too as they are a rabbit’s natural predator. Motion sensor sprinklers have also been known to scare rabbits away.

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After you put forth your efforts in controlling and preventing rabbits, seek the additional help of a professional pest control service. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc provides wildlife capture and control. We can help protect your yard, gardens and landscaping from cottontail rabbits and other pests. For all your pest control needs, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today!

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