How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees & Keep Them Away to Avoid Damage in Burbank, CA

There are several types of pests that cause damage to your home. There are other pests that cause damage to the wood that is the structure of your house. Termites are a huge problem for people and they are a pest that cause millions of dollars in damage to homes. There are also carpenter ants that are a problem in the same sense. Another pest to be concerned about are carpenter bees. They are another pest that you want to know how to deal with them and what the signs are that they have invaded your home or property.

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc Offer Tips for Keeping Carpenter Bees Away

What is a Carpenter Bee: A carpenter bee is not the same as your standard honey bee. They get their name from their ability to chew through and tunnel through wood. This is a bee that can cause some serious damage to the main structure of the house. Although they do cause damage to your home and other wood materials they are still an important part of the environment. They are still a pollinator and will go around the plants in the area to ensure that they continue to bloom and grow. There are two basic types of carpenter bees which are a small and a large. The look of them are similar in color with them being a metallic blue and green. They have some yellow on the face and are covered with tiny hairs. You might find them around your home and property near a place where there is wood that has some exposure. They will drill a hole through the wood and start to make their through building their nest as they go.
How to Prevent Carpenter Bees: The first and best way to deal with carpenter bees is to not have them in the first place. Prevention is key when dealing with any kind of pest. You can keep these bees away from your home by limiting what they are looking for. That means you need to get out there and look for wood that is exposed. You can use a paint or sealant to cover these areas. They can be found under your eves, deck, fences and furniture. If these areas are left untreated the bees will start to invade. You can also use a different material to help cover these same surfaces such as a metal or siding.
How to Deal with Carpenter Bees: Your best option when dealing with any kind of bee is to leave them alone. If they are not causing you trouble or damage you can just let them stay and work. This is not always true when you are dealing with carpenter bees. They do cause damage but their presence is needed. You want to make sure that you contact a professional that can come out and safely remove the nest and the bees will follow.

Carpenter Bee Nest Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc can come out and conduct an inspection to determine what kind of stinging insect you are dealing with and then recommend the appropriate course of action such as removing the carpenter bee nest. Call us to have a technician out to your house today.

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