Are There More Pests in the Summer in Fontana, CA? Why Do Bugs Come Inside My House?

Summer seems to be the season where the pests have increased activity. Ants, stinging insects, flies, roaches, spiders, and other insects are especially prone to the summer madness among other insects that are particularly active. Sharing the reasons from scientists, we at Animal Pest Management would like to share those reasons.

Why Do Bugs Come in the House During Summer?

1) Temperature. The behavior and development of many common pests is affected by temperatures. Just as people have their limits with temperatures, so do the various pests. For instances, fire ants will tunnel deep into the ground to escape the heat, where others slip into structures, such as homes and businesses. This is why people frequently find more pests intruding into their air-conditioned home.
2) Moisture. So many pests thrive in moist areas, mostly, but pests require water for survival, as all living things do. With summer showers bringing in in the excess moisture, more pests will take advantage of the favorable conditions. Pests will move indoors to seek out damp areas for during periods of drought.
3) Food Source. You’re well aware that grass and other vegetation is more abundant during summer, as you may have noticed with the extra mowing and landscaping. With the extra yard maintenance, the aftermath is food source for a variety of pests for different diets. Once the food source is gone, they move onto a new, possibly your home.
4) Life Cycle. As most pests are highly impacted by the weather, being cold-blooded, during certain stages of their life cycle in summer months the particular stages increase activity. To ensure the survival of their colony during the approaching colder months when they become dormant, the ant colonies, for instance, will monumentally increase in size as pests reproduce.
5) More Daylight. Summer months has shorter nights and longer daylight. The longer days give most pests an opportunity to feed. As a result, these pests are more frequently seen and are enjoying the summer days. Not only are these pests a bigger nuisance, but many are capable of biting and stinging, increasing the risk of health concerns.

Summer Pest Prevention Tips

– Ensure the trash cans on your property all have tight-fitting and secure lids. Be sure to wash your trash cans every few weeks with hot soapy water; especially important during the summer months when heat frequently intensifies the odors and attract pests.
– Make certain you and your pets have taken all precautions against fleas and ticks.
– Limit vegetation and trim back tree and shrub branches as well as cut the grass that may have encroached against your home. Try to create a vegetation-free and clutter free clearance of at least 2 feet to help prevent harborage and hidden entry points.
– Inspect the structure and foundation for cracks and crevices in the walls, floor and pavement. Seal with weather-resistant sealant. Seal any exposed pipe or conduit penetrations with caulking, install mesh covers on ventilation openings and use weather stripping around windows.
– Check for and clear debris from gutters, repair any leaks and minimize standing water.

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