How to Get Rid of & Prevent Infestations of Turkestan Cockroaches in Camp Pendleton North, CA

Found throughout the world, cockroaches are one the most common pests across the country. It is very likely for you to run into roaches from time to time with so many different species and the number of cockroaches roaming around. There are a handful of species of cockroaches found in California, but today, we at Animal Pest Management would like to elaborate on Turkestan Cockroaches.

Turkestan Cockroach Identification

With slightly different physical characteristics, the males and females can be identified if you know what to look for. Female Turkestan cockroaches feature cream-colored markings behind their head and along the edges of their bodies and range from dark brown to black in color. They average about an inch in length. With light colored stripes on the edges, the short, rounded wings belong to females. Sharing the same colored markings on the margins as the females, the males are generally orange or red and have wings that extend beyond the tip of their abdomen. When compared to the females, the males are a bit smaller.

What Attracts Turkestan Cockroaches?

Turkestan roaches will come inside if the opportunity and the need arises, such as during the peak summertime when population and the weather is at the highest, but they prefer to stay outside. Attracted to lights that have them wandering into homes and businesses, males are usually the invaders. Cracks in concrete, fallen leaves, the electrical meter box, compost piles, potted plants, and water attract Turkestan roaches outdoors. Turkestan cockroaches, like most cockroaches, are most active after dark.

Turkestan VS Oriental Cockroach

Turkestan cockroach has developmental stages including the egg, nymph, and adult. When compared to Oriental roaches, Turkestan cockroaches have a shorter developmental period and the females produce considerably more eggs. Given their biological characteristic differences, the Oriental roach population is easily replaced with Turkestan roach as they can out-compete the Oriental roaches. Because these roaches are not shy, people know they have an infestation as they are noticeably flying around at nighttime, especially being drawn in by lights.

Where are Turkestan Cockroaches Found?

Having populations in northeastern Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and India, Turkestan roaches are found domestically and internationally. Throughout California and other urban cities along the Southwest, Southeast as well as recently neem reporting the Northeast, they are spreading throughout the U.S. As it the source of food for these, this species is readily available for purchase to animal breeders for a pet food source. This species will likely spread throughout the country quickly due to the distribution.

Cockroach Control & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Once they have entered in or around your home Turkestan cockroaches can be very challenging to control because their shorter developmental time and the increase number of eggs produced. To effectively eliminate the infestation, be sure to a hire a pro, such as Animal Pest Management. Our certified experts can help remove the infestation from your Californian home using proven methods, advanced equipment and premium products. Call us sooner rather than later to avoid a severe infestation and endure the negative impact these roaches can inflict. We will get rid of Turkestan cockroaches and any other roaches that are infesting your home.

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