How to Keep Termites Away from Your Montclair, CA House this Winter; Remove Moisture & More

In California there is no “termite season”. Termites are a year around problem. In areas with cold weather termites will reproduce during the warmer seasons. Since much of California stays warmer all year around termites can continue to reproduce all year long. As termites can remain a problem during the whole year, it is essential for locals to continue to work on termite control and prevention even in winter. Animal Pest Management Services will share how to continually monitor and work to protect your home from termites.

In Southern California, Termites are Active Year Round

Termites when exposed to cooler seasons will retreat deeper under ground just below the frost line. During the warmer seasons the reproductive termites known as swarmers or the kings and queens will mate and the now fertile females will look for new nesting sites. Since most of California stays rather warm especially the Southern regions, termites will continue to mate and seek nesting sites all year along. As a result of southern California’s climate homeowners must continually work on guarding their home from termites.

Remove Moisture to Keep Termites Away

There are a number of steps the homeowner can take to control termites. One essential step is to eliminate moisture around the house. Termite thrive in damp areas, and often need wood to be damp or super dry wood in order to chew through it. Areas with wood that is exposed to moisture are often prime targets for termites. You can help reduce your home from becoming a target by keep it dry. This means you will need to maintain all of the plumbing and to prevent roof leaks. The exterior of the home is the most vulnerable to termites as it is exposed to rain and humidity. Exterior wooden features such as wooden siding, decks, and porches are often the first areas termites will invade. For home with wooden exterior features it is important to regularly maintain and inspect them to ensure there is no termite activity and to treat termites right away.

Inspect Foundation for Termite Mud Tubes

Termites often make mud tunnels around the ground and foundation of the home. Inspect for termite mud tunnels every few weeks. Termites will use cracks in the foundation of home to enter. There they can gain access to the entire home. Their mud tunnels often crawl up the side of the foundation like veins. If termite tunnels are near the foundation or around exterior wooden features, contact a pest control service right away. We can treat the area and even locate the nest and eliminate the entire colony.

Store Firewood Far Away from House to Prevent Termites

Another major step in preventing termites is to keep the outside of the home clean. Firewood should be stored far away from the home as possible. Additionally make sure to have the wood off the ground at least 12 to 18 inches off the ground or termite will happily chew through your firewood. Firewood must also be kept dry and covered as termites prefer damp wood. Maintain the yard and remove any dead or dying trees quickly as they are a beacon for termites.

Termite Inspections, Control Treatment, Removal & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

If you discover termites in your yard or invading inside your home contact Animal Pest Management Services today.

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