Winter Pest Invaders in Coachella, CA; How to Keep Cockroaches, Mice & Rats Out of Your Home

There are lots of things that change when the weather starts to cool down. The length of the days change, the type of clothing and activities that people participate in and what the world looks like around us. One of the biggest changes is with the temperature and this has a domino effect on other areas of life as well. The leaves will start to change colors and fall off the trees. Other plants will start to go dormant during the colder months meaning they are not actively growing. Another area that people are actually misinformed about is pests. They are under a false impression that the pests that have been moving around and invading their house go dormant as well. They think because this occurs they can take a few months off on being proactive against pests and pest control. The problem is that pests continue to exist in the colder months and can still invade your home. Animal Pest Management Services outlines what pests might still invade your house during cold weather.

Will Cockroaches Leave a Cold House in Winter?

One of the pests that some people think will magically go away when it gets too cold are cockroaches. The impression that cockroaches are only out in the warm weather is a false statement. They are a pest that seems to be able to withstand just about anything. They can survive without a head or even submerged under water for an extended amount of time. That means that when the weather gets cold outside they are not going to just disappear. They are in fact going to continue to look for warm and moist places to nest and that happens to be your house. If your house has any points of access they are more than willing to make entry and get inside. Once in the house they can look for food as well as moisture. You want to be sure that you continue to have your home treated for pests even in the cold months.

How Do Mice Survive the Winter?

Another problem you will come across when the weather changes happens to be with mice. They are a pest that you want to keep out of your home for many reasons. Mice are known to carry disease and bacteria that can be dangerous to you and your family. The mice that are getting in your house have probably gained access through a small gap or hole. They can fit through a very small space and when they get in they will forage for food and nesting materials. You will want to make sure that you have your home treated at the first sign of mice infesting your home.

Can Rats Freeze to Death in Winter?

Rats can definitely die if they get too cold. If you are worried about mice getting in your house then you are likely worried about rats as well. They have the same goal as the mice and that is to get out of the cold and in your house. They can easily find food from pet food to your stored dry goods. They also carry a host of disease and germs that you want to protect your family from.

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