Halloween Vampire Bat Origin History & How to Get Rid of Hanging Bats in Rialto, CA

Images that come to mind when thinking about Halloween are often ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, spiders, and bats; among other scary symbols. In fact, one of the most enduring and spooky images of Halloween are bats. Bats are typically considered beneficial, though they can have some negative affects if they infiltrate your home. It is a wonder how these creatures become associated with Halloween. With that in mind we at Animal Pest Management would like to share the history on how bats were connected with Halloween.

Celtic Halloween Origins & Traditions

Eternally linked to Halloween, the black, winged shapes flying through the dusky night sky are bats. It is speculated it started long ago when evil spirits of the night were warded off by large bonfires that were lit as darkness approached by ancient Celtics. Once each year on the night of October 31st when the spirits of the dead could cross over into the world of the living, the Celtics believed the ghosts of their ancestors returned to earth, according to legend. In search of mischief and mayhem, these unruly spirits roamed the lands. The Celtics held an annual celebration on this night, known as Samhain, as protection from the ghosts; also marked the end of the harvest season. To appease the demons returning from the Other World, gathered around large bonfires, the superstitious Celtics, dressed in costumes made from animal skins and hides, burnt sacrificial offerings of crops and animals.

Bat Insect Control

The glow and warmth of the fire attracted mosquitoes and other flying insects into the surrounding area as the bonfires burned throughout the night. The flying insects attracted hungry bats, swooping and darting in and out of the dusky light from the fire in search of their prey. The symbol of the bat became forever embedded in the roots of Halloween lore from, the dark, shadowy and fast-moving shapes flying through the semi-darkness may have appeared to the Celtics as the embodied spirits of the returning the dead. Tales and rumors of blooding-sucking bats spread throughout Europe for centuries. Preying on the blood of unsuspecting victims while they slept fit, the evil images of a winged demon stalked the night fit all too perfectly with dark lore of Halloween.

Where Do Vampire Bats Live?

By the Spanish in the 17th century strengthened the stories of blood-hungry demons in search of a meal, the discovery of the vampire bat in South America occurred. It was believed by many, that the unfortunate victims transformed into human vampires mysteriously and sought the blood of more victims. As the stories developed, it was widely believed that the vampire could transform into the shape of the bat and stories only continued to spread, creating the tie between bats and Halloween.

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Bats have been known to infiltrate into California homes. Though they are not bringers of evil, they can spread disease and even cause property damage. If they are a problem for you, call Animal Pest Management to remove them from your home. We will ensure it is done safely and efficiently along with all of your other pest control needs.

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