Mythology & Tradition of How Black Widow & Other Spiders Became a Part of Halloween

It’s the month of Halloween and already we begin seeing homes and yards adorned with spooky critters, monsters and witches. As we look at the many iconic figures of Halloween, spiders are one of the most frequently seen critters of the season, but why? Animal Pest Management will take a moment, take a closer look, and discover the reasons why spiders are often associated with Halloween.

Animals Associated with Witches; Black Cats, Bats, Rats & Spiders

As we look around at residential displays or even haunted houses, it is almost impossible not to see spiders along the walls and ceilings or even coming for unexpected travelers. Spiders became an iconic Halloween figure because of past superstitions that witches often kept them as companions. Their companions varied from black cats, bats, rats, and spiders. Due to the spider’s behavior they often created their webs to trap expecting prey and were often found in dark abandoned places. Haunted houses, dungeons, caves or graveyards are common sites for spiders and adds to the role spiders play for the Halloween season. Especially, black spiders because in times past, if a black spider was found in your home people believed it would bring bad luck to the household. However, if a white spider was found inside the home, they believed it would bring good luck and even protect the home from evil spirits.

Spider Mythology

Not only are spiders associated with witches or dark spooky places, but there is also magic and myths about spiders. Some cultures regard spiders as oracles. Some people believed that spiders could even cure disease. Here is another myth that was regarded as truth back in past: Candles were used to light up the night back then and so, if a spider fell into a burning candle, which was surprisingly common, it meant a witch or witches were close by. Some spiders did provide a more positive outlook. If a spider spun its web in your home it was regarded as good fortune. Some people say spiders are a magical weaver of mystery and can bring a home good luck. In a sense this is true. Truly, most spiders are in a way good luck as they help reduce the presence of cockroaches and other pests.

Black Widow Spiders

While spiders in general aren’t the worst pest you can find in your home, they are one of the most feared. Not just for the association with Halloween, but because of their venomous bites. Some people can have a deadly reaction to certain spider bites or other stinging pests. However, where some spiders are feared for their venomous bite, they are actually misunderstood. For example, one spider that is frequently associated with Halloween is the black widow spider. Why? Because everyone knows that black widow spiders are one of the deadliest spiders in North America. Well, actually they are not. In fact, many people can survive a bite from a black widow spider and not even require medical attention. Additionally, black widow spiders hide during the day and only come out at night to hunt for smaller insects. Regardless, no one will deny that black widow spiders look menacing and are known to have deadly bites.

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Spiders are a fun part of Halloween. However, no one really wants spiders in their home. To help keep spiders and other pests out of your home this Halloween season and beyond, contact Animal Pest Management today.

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