Best Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your House in Imperial Beach, CA this Fall; Home Sealing & More

As the temperatures continue to drop this fall, your home is more and more at risk for pests to stop by and make themselves at home for the colder months. Where many of these pests may come inside simply to hibernate, there are enough pests that stay active during the fall and winter that if they choose your home to take refuge from the cold weather, predators, or simply because the food and water is scarce. You can prevent most pests from coming inside your Southern California home with a few preventative measures. Other pests, mostly insects, can also be brought inside inadvertently in packages, secondhand appliances or furniture, and other means. Today however, Animal Pest Management would like to offer some tips and advice on how you can significantly reduce the risk of having pests intrude into your home.

Fall Prep to Prevent Pest Infestations Inside Your Home

Declutter to Deter Pests – Most pests will look for food, water, and a place to nest if they come inside. If these resources are scarce, most will move on. Declutter your home to remove areas they will likely nest. Clear out outdated magazine, mail, and catalogs, organize books, fabrics and linens, and avoid letting anything in your house pile up. If your home becomes over cluttered, it offers harborage for pests.
Seal Food & Clean Up Crumbs to Prevent Pests. Go through the cabinets, pantry, and bread drawers, remove any clutter, expired food, and debris. Pests will not only grab the crumbs, but they can easily get into poorly packaged food such as paper, flimsy plastic, and cardboard. These foods should be transferred in air-tight sealable containers. Pet food should also be kept in sealable containers.
Home Sealing to Stop Pests from Entering Home – To remove the water supply and moist conditions many pests are attracted to, use dehumidifiers and repair any leaks from appliances, faucets, and pipes as soon as possible. Check for gaps around the windows and doors install weather stripping and caulk as applicable. Trash cans should be taken out once a week or more frequently as needed, always use liners, and wash the inside with hot soapy water. Always practice sanitation by cleaning up after every meal and snack, avoid dishes from piling up, wipe down the counters and sweep the floors once a day.

Yard Preparation to Stop Pests from Entering Inside Your Home

Inspect Home – From the foundation to the roof, you need to thoroughly inspect the structure. Look for any damage, holes, cracks, and gaps. Keep in mind it does not require a lot of space for insects and wildlife to get inside your home. For example, a mouse only needs a dime-size hole and rat needs only a quarter-size hole to squeeze through, bugs can slip through in even small fissures. Make the necessary repairs and seal the home as best as possible.
Trim Plants Away from House – A lot of pest’s natural habitat is foliage. Allowing it to encroach too close to the home invites wondering pests inside the first open door or window. Trim back the bushes, prune the trees, cut the grass, and pull the weeds to keep the area around your home minimized of vegetation.
Other Exterior Pest Prevention Tips – Repair any leaks or inefficient gutters and downspouts to reduce the water supply, avoid leaving pet food available 24/7. Ensure the trash cans are stored away from the house and they are secure with pest-proof lids. Every 1-3 months clean the inside out with hot soapy water.
Remove the clutter including lumber, or building materials, toss the yard clippings, and anything you keep, store away from the house and toss the waste to avoid offering pests harborage.

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