How to Get Rid of California Ground Squirrels & Stop Holes & Other Damage Caused in Canyon Lake, CA

When it comes to pests, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and looks. Generally, whether pest is really creepy, or somewhat adorable, pests are so labeled because they are either a health risk or cause destruction on the structure or property, in addition to simply a nuisance. When any of these perceived threats infiltrate your home or business however, they need attention as soon as possible. One of the many pests that many people in California are familiar with are the ground squirrels and their presence can prove problematic. Being that ground squirrels are a common rodent problem for many Californians, we at Animal Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to cover the basics.

Ground Squirrel Holes, Burrows & Other Damage

Not only found in California, ground squirrels are small burrowers that live across the United States. Though they are heavily populated in farmlands, they can be a potential problem for any homeowner or commercial property. There are quite a shared habits and characteristics in the various species of ground squirrels as well as slight differences, depending on location. Because of their burrowing habits, ground squirrels are more of a problem when they infest crop fields and home gardens. Structural or cosmetic damage of a building or other property is frequently due to the ground squirrels’ need to constantly chew in order to control the length of their teeth.

Chipmunk VS Ground Squirrel

Because of the similar appearance, chipmunks and ground squirrels are often mistaken for one another. The average length of ground squirrels is 12 inches and average weight is 5 ounces. Often having spots or stripes running down their back, the ground squirrels coloring ranges in shades of brown and gray. Also, these critters feature short bushy tails and small ears.

Where Do Ground Squirrels Live?

Ground squirrels thrive in grassy areas like meadows and prairies and are attracted to loose soil like around the riverbanks as well as ponds for easy digging. In the suburban and rural areas, they congregate in tall grasses and open spaces. They tend to avoid the urban areas, however, when it is unavoidable, they will be discovered grazing in pastures, public parks, golf courses, and lawns and they try to avoid the woodland areas. Ground squirrels are notorious amongst farmers and avid gardeners since their diet includes of plants and seed. These rodents squeeze through broken or open windows, tiny cavities of vents, chimneys, torn door or window screens, and other such openings on rare occasions but usually due to escaping predators, extreme temperatures, or lacking food or water.

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Ground squirrels offer some benefits as they also eat harmful insects, however, the damage done to both cash crops and ornamental plants preserves them as pests. The abundant holes left behind from the ground squirrel’s burrowing habits lead to foundation structural damage, tree roots to dehydrate, or lawn mowing problems. Since the ground squirrels can host parasitic ticks, mites, lice, and fleas, they are also a health concern. Keep the grass well-maintained, remove brush piles, and control the clutter to limit their hiding places and minimize the infestation. Contact Animal Pest Management today and let our certified experts assist you if you discover ground squirrels on your California property.

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