Spider Identification in Jamul, CA; Yellow Sac, Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Tarantula, House Spiders & More

If you are like many people, spiders aren’t your favorite thing. Arachnophobia is very real, but spiders are one pest that are often misunderstood. While they are feared by so many, there are few spiders that actually pose a real risk to humans. In Southern California, we deal with several different spider species. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc is here to talk about some of the spiders you may see around your home if you live in the SoCal area.

Harmless Spiders Found in Southern California

Like mentioned above, there are several spider species that are completely harmless to humans. Following are some that you may find crawling around your home or garden.
– Common House Spider: If you have noticed a light to dark brown spider lurking in the corners of your home, it is likely the common house spiders. They are more of a nuisance than a threat. They build messy webs that can be an annoyance. They will help to keep the pest population down in your home though.
– Cross Orbweaver: The cross orbweaver spider is identified by the white spots that are found on the abdomen. The spots will make a cross shape. While the spider is unique looking, it is a harmless one.
– Daddy Long Legs: This is a very common spider that is easily identified with its extra-long legs. They are one of the most harmless spiders that can invade your home. They don’t build webs and will simply walk around eating dead insects and crumbs lying on the floor.
– Garden Spider: With the beautiful foliage that we get to enjoy in California, the garden spider is one that is commonly found. These spiders can look incredibly intimidating because they grow quite large. During different times of the year, they can grow rapidly in population as well.
– Tarantula Spider: You know it as soon as you see a tarantula. These large hairy spiders can make your heart skip a beat, even if they aren’t going to hurt you in any way. Luckily, they prefer to spend their time outside rather than in your home.

Beware of These Venomous Spiders

Even though most spiders that you would commonly see in your home or yard are harmless, you still need to be aware of a couple poisonous ones.
– Yellow Sac Spider: The most common harmful spider in SoCal. This spider is easily distinguished by its yellow color and the front legs that are longer than all the rest.
– Black Widow Spider: This shiny black spider has a trademark red hourglass shape on its abdomen. They make large, messy webs to ensnare their prey.
– Brown Recluse Spider: This spider tries its hardest to remain unseen. It is light to dark brown in color with a fiddle shaped marking on its back.

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