Why Do Bats Keep Coming in My Monterey Park, CA House & How to Prevent from Entering Attic

When your home becomes a roosting sight for bats you’ll find that not only are they noisy and dirty they can also carry harmful diseases. However, there are times when bats aren’t looking for a permanent roosting site. Instead, they look for places to rest during the day during winter migrations. Both migrating or roosting bats will look for ways to get inside attics or sheds. Ideally, you will want to prevent bats from being able to enter your home. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share how to control or prevent bats.

How Do Bats Get in the House?

As bats will drop in on households during migration, if they return on a regular basis then you are under invasion. Bats will often seek out homes or other structures that have little activity. However, bats will often fly into homes either through the chimney, enter through the attic vents, or slip through cracks in the siding or soffits. California is home to a number of different species of bats, some very small. In defending your home from bats you will need to consider those species that can fit through a gap the size of a quarter.

Bat Exclusion; Home Sealing to Prevent Bats

As controlling bats is essential, it is also important to not use methods that can seriously harm or kill bats as they play a major role in controlling insect populations. Bats feed on many insects, one being mosquitoes which can cause or carry deadly viruses. Additionally, there are some bat species that are protected such as the Little Brown Bat and the Indiana Bat. To control and prevent bats you will want to practice proper bat exclusion. For those with a current bat problem, you can essentially get rid of bats by preventing them from coming back after leaving for their evening meal. There are bat nets and tubes that can be used to cover their entry points. These nets and tubes can allow the bats to leave but they are not able to climb back through. Often a professional pest and wildlife control service can help install the nets and tubes to help get bats out of a home. However, to prevent bats from invading your home, you will want to cover all possible entry points. Some of the common hot spot for bat entry points is the chimney and attic vents. Cover the top of the chimney and attic vents with a metal mesh or wiring that will allow proper air flow but won’t allow bats into the home. Next inspect the home for loose siding, soffits, and cracks in the roofing that bats can use to enter the interior attic of the home. For those who live in areas where there are lot of bats, you can use decoy nesting sites to help keep them away from the home. Some people don’t mind having the bats around as they help keep mosquitoes and other pests in check. You can build bat boxes and hang them in trees or other places where bats are drawn to live. This provides a home for bats and keeps them away from your home.

Bat Pest Inspections, Control & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

There are many different strategies for controlling bats. If you find you need help removing bats from your property, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today.

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