Yellow Jacket Wasp Nest in Eaves or Wall? How to Get Rid of Stinging Yellow Jackets in Lucerne Valley, CA

Yellow jacket wasp nests offer shelter for thousands of members since yellow jackets live socially in large colonies. Where the females do and will sting repeatedly, drones are males, and do not have a stinger. Most wasps feed on insects while bees rely on a diet of nectar or pollen.

Yellow Jacket Identification

Yellow jackets are bee-sized wasps, have black with yellow markings on the front of the head and yellow banding around the abdomen and they have dark eyes with a face primarily yellow as these North American predatory insect that builds a large nest to house the colony. Their front wings are folded length wise when they are at rest. The antennae are fairly large and are rather conspicuous. Because of the size, shape and coloration, these wasps are sometimes mistaken for bees. Yellow jackets have a much bigger head and closely resemble the hornets. Animal Pest Management Services would like to share some facts regarding yellow jacket wasps.

What Attracts Yellow Jacket Problems?

The attraction yellow jackets have for fruit, meat, and sweet drinks will ruin summer picnics at the park and BBQs in the yard. They are highly concentrated in the southeastern United States, though yellow jackets are found around the world. Yellow jackets are carnivorous and primarily feed on other insects like flies and bees. Their diet also includes fruits, carrion, as well as the nectar of flowers. Their hunting ground for foraging within a mile of their nests.

How Many Times Can a Yellow Jacket Sting?

Yellow jackets live in large colonies as social insects as mentioned. Working together each class, queen, drones and workers, have specific tasks to support the colony. Where the workers operate and maintain the nest with a variety of tasks, the queen lays hundreds of eggs after the male drones are ready to fertilize a receptive queen. When anyone who is within a few feet of their nest approaches, yellow jacket wasps protect the nest and will aggressively attack anyone as a prime objective. Under the skin of the victim, they will then inject a venomous fluid. Allowing them to easily deliver repeated stings, their stingers are smooth and deliver a painful sting.

Yellow Jacket Nest & Eaves

To make her nest in the spring, the yellow jacket queen collects wood fiber. The nest is constructed of paper-like material by a single queen, called the foundress is made from chewed wood fibers mixed with saliva. Within the nest, there are multiple layers of paper cells that look like the honeybee’s comb. The nest is built in old burrows underground some species like the German Yellow Jackets. Birds frequently destroy the nests looking for food as their nests can be large.

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Their venom can cause raging allergic reactions since yellow jacket wasps are fairly dangerous as they deliver multiple and painful stings. You need Animal Pest Management Services to get it done safely and efficiently to ensure their nest is properly removed from the property. To remove the threat as quickly as possible, our certified experts are trained and experienced to eliminate yellow jackets. To get started quality wasp control services, call us today!

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