How to Keep Coyotes Away in Descanso, CA; Coyote Proof Fences, Deterrents, Repellents, Professional Trapping & More

Coyotes pose a major problem all throughout California and as many know, will invade yards in both urban and rural environments. Hungry coyotes are entering peoples yards in search of food. They have now even been seen deeper within the city. To help prevent coyotes from invading your yard and getting into your pet’s food or your trash cans, Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share a few coyote exclusion tips.

Coyote Proof Fences & Barriers

In many urban and even rural settings, many homeowners believe that a fence will keep coyotes out. However, this is not even close to the truth. Coyotes can jump over a fence, even a tall one. If they can’t jump over the fence then they will dig underneath it. When seeking a solution to keeping coyotes out of your yard, you can use electric fences. Electric fencing has been proven to keep coyotes away. One zap from the fence is all it usually takes. You can also use repellents. You can buy a number of different repellents that you can put around your yard as a type of barrier. One repellent that has been working well to deter coyotes is wolf urine. When coyotes catch the scent of wolf urine, they tend to want to stay out of the wolf’s territory.

Coyote Deterrents & Repellents

There are other methods for reducing coyote encounters. One is to use deterrents. There are many different types of deterrents that work on coyotes. One is sound deterrents such as air horns or even the radio can help deter coyotes. You can also use motion senor sprinklers. Coyotes will get scared off if they are sprayed down suddenly by a sprinkler. You can also use motion trigger lights. However, these don’t always scare off the coyotes, yet they will help warn you that a coyote is in your yard.

Can a Dog Protect Against Coyotes?

Like the scent of wolf urine, having dogs on the property also can prevent coyotes. However, smaller dogs and cats can become a coyote’s prey as they will hunt small pets. To protect your home from coyotes, you will want a middle to large breed dog roaming your yard. However, for pet owners, it is important not to leave your pet’s food or water dish outside at night or you can be unknowingly feeding the coyotes.

Remove Food & Water Sources that Attract Coyotes

Coyotes will stay away from people during the day. At night they will look for food and water. It is at night when most coyote encounters occur. To keep coyotes away from your yard, avoid providing the essentials. Don’t leave water or allow water to puddle around your yard. Reconsider bird baths and other water features on your property. Next, remove potential food sources. Again, coyotes will eat dog and cat food that has been left outside. Coyotes will also eat garbage out of the trash can. Make sure to remove potential food sources to help prevent the coyote’s desire to come to your home.

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