Where Do Wolf Spiders Live in La Habra, CA & What Attracts Spider Pests in the House?

You can find around 200 species of wolf spiders throughout North America, and many can be found crawling around California. The California wolf spider is the largest known species of the wolf spiders. Wolf spiders are a rather large spider that will invade homes to either search for home or shelter during storms or poor weather. Even though these spiders are considered non lethal to humans, their bite can be painful. Animal Pest Management Service, Inc would like to focus on identifying and controlling wolf spiders.

Wolf Spider Identification

Wolf spider are part of the Lycosidae family. Wolf spiders are on the bigger side, reaching up to 1 1/2 inches in length. Wolf spiders are also covered in small hairs and are often mistaken for a tarantula. Wolf spiders vary from gray with black markings, to brown with black markings. Wolf spiders have a stripe going down their back and also have striped or spotted legs. The males have a narrow abdomen, while the females are rounder and more robust.

Where Do Wolf Spiders Live?

Wolf spiders prefer to stay outdoors. They don’t spin webs. Instead, they hide in burrows during the day and roam during the night. Wolf spiders are active hunters and don’t rely on webs to catch their prey. When wolf spiders are found inside homes, it is usually accidental. They may wander indoors when seeking out prey. When seen inside a home, they are usually close to doors, windows, and occasionally in basements. However, wolf spiders prefer living outdoors and are highly abundant in woodland areas or places with dense vegetation. Nonetheless, wolf spiders are adaptive spiders and are found all over the world. When wolf spiders are discovered inside the home, many homeowners panic due to their size. However, they are more of a nuisance versus an actual threat. Wolf spider bites are not toxic enough to harm a human and only bite when they feel threatened. As long as you leave them be, they will leave you alone. Wolf spiders also help to reduce the number of pests around your home as long as they stay outside. We know that no one wants to share their home with any pest, let alone a huge spider.

How to Prevent Wolf Spiders in the House

During seasons of good weather, wolf spiders don’t typically invade homes but wander in accidentally. However, invasions do occur during the fall and winter as wolf spiders prefer warmer habitats. Just before fall hits you will want to consider inspecting your home and looking for areas that spiders and other pests may use to enter your home. Start by inspecting your home’s exterior doors. Make sure the weather stripping around the edges are functional. If you can see daylight from inside, the weather stripping needs to be replaced. Next inspect windows and make sure they shut tightly. Screens should be in place and in good condition. Look for other areas of weakness both inside and outside your home. Small gaps in the walls or siding should be closed up with silicone caulking. After securing your home for the upcoming fall season, seek additional protection with quality pest control. Proper applications of pesticides or insecticides can help keep invading pest out.

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