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California residents are hearing more and more about old Medieval plagues filtering through LA and surrounding areas. Those being affected the most are the homeless, which are contracting Typhus from rats. Rodents, and mainly rats, are on the rise in the state and carry fleas that are harboring this ancient disease. With rats on the rise, homeowners are looking at rodent control more closely. However, there are some limits to rodent control. Even though the rodent population is on the rise and is potentially dangerous, there might be a local ban on various poisons. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share why poisons are not being used to control rodents and how to control rodents around your home and still follow proper rodent control protocol.

Poisoned Rodents Can Affect Birds & Wildlife

When controlling rodents, including rats, poisons are usually the last option since a poisoned rodent can affect the local wildlife. The recent need to put a ban on poison was due to local mountain lions and coyotes that were eating poisoned rodents and later dying themselves. Both mountain lions and coyotes play a vital role when it comes to balancing the ecosystem. If their population dwindles, there will be an ever increasing population of rodents and other species they prey on. To protect the surrounding wildlife and the delicate ecosystem the State may be putting a ban on the use of poisons to control birds and rodents.

Prevention of Rodent Infestations

With rodent populations on the rise, it is important to protect your home. There are a number of ways to protect your home from rodents without the need for poisons. First, is it important to seal your home to prevent rodents from entering. Rodents will invade garages, sheds, and other structures. Make sure to seal all structures on the property. Look for weaknesses such as small holes, loose boards, windows and doors that may not close tightly. Repair all exterior weaknesses of the home. Cover attic vents, dryers vents, and chimneys with a metal wire mesh to allow air flow but keep rodents out. Another essential step to controlling rodents is the yard. The surrounding property should be kept well maintained. Trim tree branches that are near the house to prevent access to the sides and roof. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed and have a twelve inch clearing off the ground. Avoid having clutter and/or yard debris on the property. Firewood, if you have any, should be stored as far away from the house as possible and be a foot off the ground as well. Rodents like debris, clutter, and firewood stacks. They use them for shelter and to eat the insects that may also inhabit them. Next, avoid feeding them or providing a water source. This can include pet food, bird feeders or bird baths. Leaky plumbing should be fixed. Trash bags should be tied tightly and sealed in trash cans with lids. Rodents are drawn to food, water and shelter. To help reduce rodent population around your home, you will want to avoid providing these basic essentials of living for rodents.

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If rodent activity is present, use traps and deterrents to help control the rodents. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional pest control services quickly to help safeguard your home. For quality pest control services contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today. Protect your home from rodent and other pests by calling us now.

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