What is the Best Way to Prevent Pest Infestations in Palmdale, CA? Home Sealing Pest Exclusion & More

There is a variety of pests that often infest homes from arachnids, and insect to rodents and other wildlife. Pests have their own unique habits and appearances as well as they share common characteristics and habits. Pests can come into your home by being inadvertently brought inside, through open doors, windows, and ventilation as well as any damaged opening large enough for them to squeeze through, or even the sewer system. When they come inside on their own accord, they either wondered in, or most likely, came inside looking for food and water or to escape extreme weather. With that in mind we at Animal Pest Management Services would like to talk about how to minimize pests inside your home.

Remove Food & Water Sources to Prevent Pests

To help reduce the pests from staying if they should wonder close or inside your home, start eliminating the food and water sources. As they encroach closer to your house, the more likely they will wonder inside. Remove the resources outside first by starting with the trash cans. Ensure they have pest-proof sealed lid and are stored away from your home. Wash the interior and exterior out with soapy water every month or so. Should you store any kind of pet food outdoors, be sure they are kept in a seal-able container. Cover the pools when not in use and repair any leaky hoses, faucets, or pipes as they happen.

Trim Landscape to Minimize Pests

A manicured landscape also contributes in the effort as it is a natural habitat for many pests and the closer their habitat is to the house, the higher risk of them wondering in. Keep trees pruned away from windows and the rooftop, trim bushes and plants away from the windows, decks, and porches and keep the grass short. Avoid any clutter and if any exists get rid of them; dispose of yard clippings and trash. If you store firewood, do so away from the house and 18” off from the ground. Clutter provides shelter for pests and they hunker down in it.

Home Sealing for Pest Exclusion

Finally, evaluate the house from top to bottom and check for any damage, holes, cracks, and gaps. Assess the chimney and ventilation for any kind of entry points. Ventilation and utility lines can be sealed with mesh coverings, and any holes and damage can be repaired with caulk. If any gaps are found along the windows and doors, install weather stripping.

Importance of Sanitation in Pest Management

After the outside is completed, much of the maintenance implies inside. Trash cans should be cleaned and the lids tight. Repair any leaky faucets and pipes as well. Remove the clutter such as magazines, mail, and other such clutter. Move to the pantry, cupboards, and drawers where food is kept. Clean out the crumbs and spilled food. Transfer food that is packaged in paper, thin plastic sheaths, and cardboard into concealable containers. Pests can easily get through these materials to pilfer food and contaminate the remainder.

Pest Inspections, Control Treatment, Removal & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

In addition to protecting your fortress and doing everything you can do to minimize pest invasion, call in the professionals to treat your home. Animal Pest Management Services technicians can provide a barrier for the common pests to maximize their ability to infest your home. If you are currently faced with an infestation, we can help you evict them as well. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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