How to Clean Up Droppings, Nests & Dead Mice or Rats After a Rodent Infestation in Palm Springs, CA

After a rodent infestation it can leave your home a nasty environment filled with potential diseases. Both mice and rats harbor a multitude of diseases that they leave behind in their urine, feces, nests, and feeding grounds. It is important once you begin proper pest control methods for rodents that you begin cleaning up after them before your home becomes a hazard zone. Animal Pest Management Services will walk you through the steps on how to properly cleanup after rodents to make your home safe again.

Safety Tips for Cleaning Rodent Droppings

Before you begin physically cleaning any areas that were exposed to rodents, always wear latex gloves and a breathing mask. Additionally, when cleaning up any feces, urine, nests, or other areas where rodents gathered, clean up those areas right away. When cleaning after rodents use a vacuum cleaner, never sweep or it can create airborne particles in which some diseases such as hantavirus can be transmitted.

Rodent Urine & Feces Clean Up

If an area is saturated with urine or feces, you will want to clean the area using a combination of bleach and water in a half to half ratio. Spray down the affected areas and let the bleach set for 15 to 30 minutes. Preferably, use a shop or wet vac to suck up the feces. Always suck up feces with a vacuum to prevent an outspread of the particles that could be carrying a virus or disease. After sucking up the feces spray the area once again and wipe the areas clean with a paper towel or a disposable cleaning cloth. Open all windows to ventilate the affected area. You may want to consider mopping the entire area with bleach once again to ensure thoroughness.

Cleaning Up After Dead Rodents or Nests

With a sealable bag, remove the nest and any deceased rodents and then seal the bag. Place it into a trash bag for proper disposal. You can throw a rodent away in a sealed trash can or contact your pest control company for removal. The site of the nest or place of the deceased rodent will need to be disinfected and cleaned. Once again you will want to use diluted bleach in a spray bottle. Spray the site down and then with paper towels, wipe the areas clean. If a rodent died on carpet or fabrics it can become a problem. You may need to use a fabric safe disinfectant that is approved to disinfect viruses and disease. If possible, you may want to consider replacing carpets or dispose of fabrics that have been infected.

Can You Eat Food Contaminated By Rats or Mice?

Pantries, cabinets, or other places where you store food often gets infested with rodents. If rodents have infested your food know that all surrounding foods is now considered contaminated. Throw away all of the infected food. Don’t not eat contaminated food as you could contract dangerous diseases. Bleach and vacuum out the cabinets just like before. In most cases urine and feces will be present. To protect your home goods, consider using air tight metal, glass, or heavy plastic containers for all of your food.

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If you have encountered a rodent problem just worry about the cleanup while Animal Pest Management Services will help control and manage your home pest problems. For all of your pest control needs, contact Animal Pest Management Services today.

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