Do California Trapdoor Spiders Bite & How Do They Make Their Home in Loma Linda, CA?

The California Trapdoor Spider is a familiar residence in the State of California. This rather large and intimidating spider lives a fascinating life, and one much different than other common spiders. Where the California trapdoor spider bites aren’t venomous, due to their size and somewhat aggressive behavior they are not a welcome guest. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share more about this local spider and what to do if you find one inside your home.

What Do California Trapdoor Spiders Eat & How to they Catch Prey?

The California trapdoor spider differs from other spiders. Unlike most spiders that spin webs where they live and use to catch prey, the California trapdoor spider lives in the ground. They dig burrows into the ground and as their name suggests, they design a trap door to help them hide from predators, hunt, and seek a little privacy. They do use webbing in construction of the trap door and burrows and some may even spread around the surrounding vegetation. The California Trapdoor Spider grows up to 2 inches in length. They have a large round cephalothorax or the part that connect the legs, eyes and fangs. The cephalothorax is usually a shiny black color. Their legs are thick. The abdomen color can vary; they can be black, gray or even a red brown color.

Do California Trapdoor Spiders Bite?

California trapdoor spiders are often kept as an exotic pet. This is not recommended and especially to those not familiar with spider handling. The California trapdoor spider is aggressive and will bite. Even though they aren’t venomous, their bites do hurt and the pain can last a few days.

How Do California Trapdoor Spiders Make Their Home

The California trapdoor spider prefers warm climates which is why they inhabit most of California. They prefer to live outdoors in moist or damp soil such as lawns or near rivers where they can easily capture small fish. California trapdoor spider will also feed on small birds, frogs, snakes and even rodents.

Other California Trapdoor Spider Facts

The California trapdoor spider male will mate with the female inside her burrow. However, if the male doesn’t leave quick enough after mating, the female will eat him. If the male manages to escape, they will continue to seek out other females. Females will lay their eggs inside her burrow and will protect them until they hatch. She will even continue to care for her young until they are old enough to leave. A California trapdoor spider on average lives between 5 to 20 years.

California Trapdoor Spider Prevention

California trapdoor spiders will often find their way into homes and most often during rainstorms when their burrows get flooded. They will also roam around at night hunting for prey. During this time they may wander inside your home. To help keep these large and intimidating spiders out of your home, you will want to make sure you have your home sealed properly. Make sure all of the doors and windows have no gaps large enough to let pests in and cover exterior vents and chimneys with metal mesh.

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