Best Cluster, Blow & House Fly Infestation Control Tips in Encinitas, CA; How to Get Rid of Flies

When flies get inside the house they quickly become a major nuisance, are annoying, and difficult to get rid of. However flies aren’t just an annoying bug. They also carry many harmful diseases and viruses where they can affect you and contaminate your home. They can most especially be a problem inside the kitchen along with your food. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share a few fly control tips and how you can manage flies in your home.

Flies in the House All of a Sudden Due to Infestation

When flies invade your home, most people believe they will die within a few days and that should be the end of it. But flies can have up to 600 eggs in their very short life and they will lay their eggs inside your home if you’re not careful. A single fly can cause a major infestation within a few days. Not to mention flies are known to carry salmonella, and tuberculosis along with many other harmful diseases and viruses. It is important to prevent flies from entering your home, and to manage them when they do.

Cluster, Blow & House Fly Prevention

There are three major species of flies found in California: they are cluster flies, blow flies and house flies. To help keep these invasive species out of your home follow these basic tips:
Keep your home clean. When it comes to food after cooking or eating, always clean dishes and put away uneaten food. Most flies are drawn to the smell of food and will enter a home that gives off a strong scent. By keeping your home clean and free of discarded food, and crumbs, it will help to reduce the amount of flies. Also avoid leaving out fruit bowls or other snacks for them as well as other pest to detect. It is also recommended to seal dry food in air tight containers.
Don’t feed flies outside. Flies will feed on decaying food in garbage cans. Make sure all trash cans are closed tightly and all trash bags are sealed to keep flies and other pests out of your trash. For those picnic or BBQ days, avoid allowing flies to land on the food. Keep food covered to help keep flies off for sanitary reasons. This will also deprive them of something to eat or a place to lay their eggs on.
Clean up after your pets. Especially dog owners, make sure to clean up after your dogs each time they poop. Flies love poop and will feed and lay their eggs on poop as it promises plenty of food for their larva. You can reduce fly population just by cleaning up after your pets.
Prevent flies from entering your home. You will want to make sure flies can’t enter your home. Make sure all the window screens are in place and in good condition. Same for the weather stripping around doors. Use caulking glue if there are any cracks around window or door frames that flies can use to get inside your home.
Call a professional. If a door was left open or flies managed to get inside your home, contact a professional to come and help control the flies. We will use baits and traps to catch and kill flies and help determine all entry points that you may have missed that flies used to get inside your home.

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