Why Do Bats Keep Coming in My Highland, CA House to Roost & Does One Bat Mean More?

There are lots of pests that people will often times worry about. This might be anything from ants to roaches and rodents to wildlife. One pest that seems to be often overlooked are bats. They are not a pest that is thought about too often but they can and will become a major nuisance in your home. You might think as long as you don’t live in the jungle you should be safe from bats but they are found in urban environments as well. They can just as easily roost in a home or building as they can in a cave in the jungle. You want to make sure that you have done all that you can to keep them out. They are opportunistic like most pests and as soon as they find a way in they will start to create in infestation. This means that you want to make sure that the eves of your home and other gaps that give access to your attic space are sealed. A small space can be enough for bats to start to get in the house. You may not think that it is a huge deal to have a few bats in the house but they can cause damage.

Animal Pest Management Services, Inc Outlines Types of Property Damage & Risk of Diseases from Bats

Bat Urine & Dropping Smells: You may not notice the presence of bats in the house because they are often found in dark places such as attics and crawl spaces. A huge sign that you may have an infestation of bats is the presence of odor. Just like any kind of pest they will leave behind feces which is known as guano. As the colony exists they will continue to leave droppings in the house. The more guano there is the stronger the odor will be in the house. This can be enough of a nuisance that you will need to call out someone to eradicate the infestation but also clean the space as well. A lingering odor is not so much damaging to you but can be troublesome. The guano that is left can cause some damage to the house and the more there is the harder it can be to clean.
Bat Urine & Excretion Stains: When it comes to bats they are not just a pest that will be living in the house and stay there without leaving. They need to get out of the house and go out for food which is usually small pests that fly around the house. They will escape the house and when they do they can leave stains around these areas. This is usually urine that you will start to see dripping down the side of the house. These stains will need to be cleaned from the home and the area they are getting in and out has to be sealed.
Diseases from Bats: The other major problem that you will have is with the disease that bats will carry. There are spores in the guano that they leave behind that can carry disease and bacteria that can be harmful. This can lead to disease in your lungs that will require the help of a health care professional. They also have been known to bite on occasion and you could be infected with rabies which is a very dangerous health concern.

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While bats can enter your home through an open door or window, they are more likely to enter through the attic so it is important to seal these entry points. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc can come out to your home to treat for unwanted bats. Call us today!

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