Why are Africanized Honey Bees a Problem & How to Stop the Spread in Woodcrest, CA; Killer Bee Attacks!

Frequently confused with honeybees, Africanized killer bees are dangerous stinging insects. Measuring their bodies, is the only way to tell the two apart since Africanized killer bees look so similar to honeybees. With the excitement of the chase they will follow people for a quarter of a mile, these bees are known to be so aggressive. Today, we at Animal Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on the Africanized killer bees in the Bay Area. Across their golden-yellow oval- bee shaped bodies, the Africanized killer bees have darker bands of brown. Having the standard eight legs and antennae, they measure in about ½ inch in length. These bees are terrorizing the locals in Arizona, New Nevada, Mexico, and Texas in addition to being discovered in California.

Killer Bee Attacks

When threatened and in defense of their colony, Africanized killer bees will aggressively attack threats. The killer worker bees gather both pollen and nectar from flowers to feed the larvae and other members of the colony. As the killer bees have small colonies, they have the ability to build nests in unique places. Known to live in boxes, crates, tires, and empty cars is where these bees are drawn to. Being no more dangerous than regular honeybees is the venom of an Africanized killer bee. Because they tend to attack in greater numbers, however they are more of a threat to humans. If you are attacked by them the enormity of the nest, experts recommend that you run in a zig-zag pattern and seek shelter in a house or car due to their aggressive nature. These bees are clever and will patiently wait for you to come up for air and attack you when you do, if you attempt to seek shelter by jumping in the water. Africanized killer bees attack in larger groups, despise sounds that are high-pitched, produce less honey and wax, and swarm more frequently are a few comparisons to other bees. They have a tendency to react to disturbance around the hive. By a banana smell they can detect is an alarm, they can remain on high alert, if a bee stings once they have ben disturbed. Typically seeking to sting the ankles and face, Killer bees will only attack if they perceive the colony is threatened, if loud noises, strong odors or fragrances are detected and shiny jewelry or dark clothing. Healthy people can easily outrun them, as slow flyers when you run from them, be sure to keep your face covered. Try to avoid other people if you are being disturbed by killer bees, or they will attack them too.

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Especially if you are or are not sure if you have an allergic reaction to their stings, like any bee sting, should you get stung, be sure to seek medical attention. To alleviate the pain of the stings and reduce symptoms, seek medical treatment. Call in the experts of Animal Pest Management for safe and efficient removal if you suspect killer bees on your property grounds. To ensure they are no longer threat to you or your loved ones our experts will use effective methods.

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