What to Do if You See a Coyote in Your Yard & How to Keep Coyotes Away from Your Property in Covina, CA

There are lots of people that don’t want to see a line of ants on their counters or a cockroach running around the kitchen. Pests in and around your house are something that can harm your loved ones, wreak havoc, and infest your home and food sources. Although these small pests are problematic for your home there are other predators that you should be on alert for. One pest that might start to show up around your house are coyotes. They are a pest that can come into housing communities when they are driven out of their natural habitat. If you happen to see a coyote around your house you want to make sure that you report it right away and talk with a pest services that offers trapping services. They can come out and remove the coyote and take it back to a location that is better for its growth and survival. There are some things that might be leading to coyotes coming from around your house. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc outlines what might be attracting coyotes to your house.

Coyotes are Attracted by Food Sources

One of the things that you should be aware of is what is attracting coyotes around your house. Of course a main reason that they might show up is to go through any food that you might have for them outside. They can get in your garbage bags that you might leave outside. They can tear the bag and enjoy all your leftovers. They also may be attracted to your dogs food that you leave outside so that your dog has access no matter the time of day or night. You want to make sure that you do all you can to keep any food sources picked up. Leave trash bags in a bin that has a lid that can be closed and possibly even locked. You also want to remove any leftover dog food and bring it in at the end of the day.

Do Dogs, Cats & Other Pets Lure Coyotes?

Your pets food is something that you is sure to attract a coyote to your home but you should also know that your pet can be the thing that is attracting them as well. A coyote is a predator and if they see your dog, cat, chicken or other pet outdoors when they come around they can see that as a meal as well. Nothing is worse than coming out to see that your dog or other pet has been attacked by a hungry and lost coyote. You want to keep your pets indoors at dusk and dawn unless you are outside with them.

Trapping Services

You want to avoid attracting coyotes around your house but that is not always possible. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you call a professional that has the ability to trap a coyote if you happen to see one around. If they come around once they are sure to come back to see if they can get another meal from. It is best to report and have them relocated.

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