What Attracts Mice in Your Garden Grove, CA House? Pet Food, Trash, Compost, Clutter & More

Mice are not only riddled with disease, but they are also capable of causing a significant amount of damage to your home. There are several things we do each day that could potentially be attracting mice to your home. Most people want to do whatever it takes to avoid these pests infesting their home. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is here to share tips that will help you avoid attracting these disease ridden pests to your home.

Store Trash Properly to Keep Rodents Out

Mice are attracted to almost every single thing found in your trash can, especially food. The best way to avoid attracting mice to your trash, is to store it properly. First, you should never store you trash near any entrance to your home. Secondly, your trash should have a tight fitting lid on your can. And last, but not least, you should invest in a sturdy metal trash can that a mouse will not be able to chew its way through.

Keep Mice Away from Pet Food

Mice aren’t just attracted to the food that we eat, they are usually entering into your garage on a hunt for your pet’s food. If your dog or cat spends a significant amount of time outside and you end up feeding them there, that food will attract mice almost instantly. You should feed your pets inside and store their food in an air tight container.

Does Compost Attract Mice?

More and more people are finding that there are several benefits that come with composting. Not only is it good for the environment, but your landscaping can benefit from the nutrient rich soil that comes from your compost pile. The problem? When you are composting, it is essentially a pile of rotting food; perfect snack for mice. If you compost, put your compost in a container at least 12 inches off the ground and as far away from your house as possible.

Pick Up Falling Fruit to Prevent Rodents

In California, many of us get to enjoy the benefits that come from fruit trees. These fruit and nut trees provide us with fresh food that is pretty hard to say no to. Unfortunately, if you have fresh fruit and nuts falling on the ground and are leaving it there, mice will surely be attracted to it. Pick up this falling fruit and avoid mice infestation.

Clean Up to Avoid Mice Infestations

Keep your kitchen neat and tidy to avoid mice. If you aren’t storing food properly or allowing dirty dishes to sit untouched for too long, you could be facing a mouse problem in the not so near future. Cleaning up your home in general will go a long way in avoiding any mouse infestations.

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If you are battling mice and can’t seem to get rid of them, it is time to turn to the pest experts at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. for help. We have the training and the ability to remove any mice from your home and help you avoid any mice in the near future. Call us today!

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