Signs Your New House Has a Pest Infestation in Irvine, CA; Live Bugs, Dead Pests, Droppings & More

When you are ready to go out and buy a new home you want to make sure that you get what you want. Most people head out the door with a few must haves on the list. You know that based on the number of people that you have in your house you will need to have access to a certain amount of rooms. You also have some things on your list that you want such as beautiful granite countertops and a spa bathtub. Most people will give in on some of their wants for other things that they know they need. When it comes to buying a new home the excitement sometimes gives you blinders to some of the things that you should really be worried about. The home inspector will come out and check the property for issues that may come as a result of faulty wiring or bad plumbing. The area that you want to keep an eye on yourself is the potential for a pest infestation. This may not seem like such a big deal when you compare it to a potential issue with the HVAC problem but left untreated you can end up with severe property damage and serious health concerns.

Animal Pest Management Services Lists Signs Your New House May Have a Pest Infestation

Live Bugs, Roaches, Spiders & Other Pests Running Around: One of the biggest and easiest ways to identify that the house has a problem with pests is the presence of pests that are alive and running about the property. Take time as you walk up to the house to see any activity near the entrance of the house. You also need to be cautious as you take a look around the inside as well. The house that is for sale is often left empty until a potential buyer comes out to take a look. That nice quiet dwelling is the perfect place for some pests to come in and make their home. When you walk into a room take special note of the edges of the room to see if there are pests that are scurrying around. This can be anything from a nasty cockroach to a mouse or even a rat. When you see a pest out in the day then you need to ensure that the home has been treated.
Dead Pests Piled Up: The other aspect of looking for a potential problem is the presence of dead pests that are piling up around the house. The first area that you can look is at the entrance of the home as well as window ledges. If there is a large amount of pests laying there dead you know that there is a problem and it is likely that the homeowner had a one-time treatment. This is not enough to treat an actual infestation and you want to get to the bottom of how the infestation go there and what more needs to be done.
Pest Droppings: Pests will urinate and defecate wherever they go, especially where they eat and nest. If you see clusters of droppings, you may want to research what pests it could be or contact a professional pest control company to help you identify what type of pest you may be dealing with.
Rodent Nests: Rats and mice are picky about what they use to make nests. Search dark, secluded areas including inside cabinets and behind appliances for shredded paper etc that looks like a nest, especially if there are droppings nearby.

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Animal Pest Management Services offers thorough pest inspections. In addition to the above signs, we will also look for strange smells and sounds, gnaw marks, scratches, grease marks along walls, signs of termites such as mud tubes and sawdust, damaged plants, holes in lawns and more. Contact us for a pest inspection and custom treatment plan today.

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