Signs of Termites in Perris, CA; Termite Droppings, Tunnels, Head Banging Sounds & More

Termites are one of the most feared pests for any homeowner; and this is for good reason too. This highly destructive pest costs homeowners thousands of dollars every year in home damage. The key is catching the problem early, before you end up replacing a good part of your home’s structure after a termite infestation has occurred. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is here to share some of the signs that point to termite infestation so you can be aware of what to look for to keep your home safe.

Termite Head Banging Sound

Have you noticed that there is a quiet clicking sound that seems to be coming from inside your walls? This could be a sign of termite infestation. The soldier termites make a lot of noise by banging their heads on the wood and shaking their bodies to produce sound and warn the colony of any disruption they may detect. Also, termites are noisy eaters and the workers will make quite a bit of noise as they destroy your home’s structure.

White Ants Could Be Termites

Termites and ants look very similar. There are many people that confuse the two of them. However, if you notice that you have white ants crawling around your home, they aren’t likely ants at all, but termites. If they have a straight body without a pinched waist, this is an even bigger sign that you have a problem.

Hollow Sounding Timber from Termite Damage

After termites have been eating away at your home, when you knock on the wall, you will notice that it sounds very hollow. Some people also describe it as a papery sound. Homes with severe damage will have their gentle knocks break through the wood completely.

Termite Droppings

Termite droppings look a lot like dark dusty powder and even dark streaks on several surfaces. If you notice that any of this is present anywhere around your home, you should be worried. They will leave these clues around the areas that they are infesting.

Termite Tunnels

Termite tunnels are also known as galleries. It is difficult to see them from the outside, but if there is enough damage, the wood could break all the way through and you will be able to see them. This is obviously a huge sign that you have a problem on your hands and you should contact professionals right away.

Flying Termites

The first sign of termite problems is the presence of flying termites. They are looking for the perfect place to start building a colony. You may only notice that there are wings left behind. This is because they shed them once they have decided this is the place they want to stay.

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