How to Get Rid of Desert Recluse Spiders in Wrightwood, CA; Identification, Infestation Prevention & More

The desert recluse spider is a common resident of California and throughout the Southwest regions of the United States. The desert recluse spider is feared due to its venomous bite and their habit of climbing into shoes or clothing. You never known when a desert recluse spider may be near to you or your loved ones. There are some people that can shake off a bite from a desert recluse spider with relative ease, while other people need to be hospitalized. Due to these harmful spiders, Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share how to identify and control desert recluse spiders.

Where Do Desert Recluse Spiders Live?

Desert recluse spiders are found in desert environments and are found throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. In the desert and away from urban environments, desert recluse spiders will live in abandoned rodent dens. When desert recluse spiders invade urban environments they tend to like yards with desert landscaping and will hide underneath rocks and debris. Desert recluse spiders will hide during the day and then come out at night to feed.

What Do Desert Recluse Spiders Look Like?

Desert recluse spiders are dark brown, whereas the brown recluse spider, who is a cousin to the desert recluse spider is much lighter in color. Unlike other spiders with eight eyes, the desert recluse spider only has six eyes. Their eyes are in groups of two and form an upside down triangle. Another trait of Desert Recluse Spiders is the violin shaped marking on its cephalothorax which is the part of the spider that the legs attach to. Desert Recluse spiders can reach up to 1 ½ inches long. The Desert Recluse spider has long legs that stretch out. For a larger spider, the Desert Recluse spider is hairless and has a grayish colored abdomen.

Desert Recluse Spider Infestation Prevention

Understanding the characteristics of desert recluse spiders is key in controlling these pests. Desert recluse spiders like to hide underneath rocks and debris in yards. To help reduce the chances of a desert recluse spider invading your home, make sure to keep all the yard debris cleaned. Additionally, for those who store firewood, desert recluse spiders love to seek shelter in firewood piles. To prevent a pest invasion keep the firewood stored as far away from the house as possible. To prevent other pests that spiders like to feed on, it is recommended to keep the firewood twelve inches off of the ground. Desert recluse spiders also hide in boxes and containers. In the garage or other storage sites, use airtight containers to store your items. Often when using degradable storage boxes or containers, pests can climb inside them and when they are brought into the home you are bringing the pests inside as well.

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The desert recluse spider has a necrotic bite which means the bite causes severe damage to the skin and surrounding tissue. It results in a necrotic lesion which is a large open sore that takes a long time to heal. For quality pest control services, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc and schedule our services today.

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