Fall Pest Control to Prevent Infestations of Bugs, Rodents, Spiders & Other Pests in Valley Center, CA

Colder weather impacts many different aspects in day-to-day life, especially the pests throughout California. In comparison to the rest of the U.S., California has milder winters, but that does not mean the fall and winter pests are a lesser issue. As opposed to going into hiding throughout the colder months and stressing about a very limited food source, many pests seek out a comfortable, climate-controlled home or business that have a steady source of food and water. The cooler temperatures make the food, and even water, scarce resulting in the California wildlife, rodents, and bugs seek shelter and food. The commercial and residential locals should not get too lax in the light of autumn as pests are likely to attempt to invade. With this in mind, we at Animal Pest Management would like to share the most common fall and winter pests California locals see.

Rodents; Mice and Rats

In the late fall especially, rodents are notorious for invading homes and businesses. In order to find the warmth and conveniences of food and water as the fall makes food scarcer, mice and rats break into houses and buildings in hopes of a more comfortable lifestyle. As these rodents are known carriers of diseases they spread to people and cause substantial damage to your home’s structure, utility lines and contaminate food, you need to ensure they are kept out, or dealt with fast.

Ground Squirrels

Though they are more of threat to your landscape or garden rather than to your home, ground squirrels can be a real nuisance during the California Winters. During the late fall and into winter, they are especially active as the California Ground Squirrel breeds during the winter months. These rodents tend to chew and burrow as they make preparations and are known vectors of diseases that can spread to both pets and people in addition to the yard damage.

Black Widow & Other Spiders

All kinds of spiders can be found in a home during the winter months; however, black widows are the worst offenders. They continue to remain active all winter long and tend to build their webs near doorways or under stairs. Black widows prefer undisturbed areas and are not usually aggressive but will bite at perceived threats. Keep in mind, their venom can be dangerous, especially more so towards children and seniors.


Being one of the hardiest insects, roaches are found year-round and are not deterred by the cold. However, most breeds do better in warm are capable of squeezing through narrow spaces. They eat just about anything and quickly multiply their numbers and thrive causing an infestation to get out of hand quickly.

Carpenter & Other Ants

Ants are among the most common of pests throughout California. To build their nests, ants invade homes in search of food, water and favorable during the fall and winter. Their nests could be underneath your home or in the yard nearby and not necessarily inside the home though they may travel inside to forage. So they chew through wooden materials to carve galleries, or tunnels, in the wood to expand their nest, inside the wood the carpenter ants are the real threat.

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