Do Bumble Bee Stings Hurt? How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees & Stinging Insects in Hermosa Beach, CA

Bumble bees can be seen flying all throughout California, helping pollinate a number of crops, fruit trees, and flowers. Bumblebees will become more active during the spring season and new queens will seek their own nesting sites. As bees, including bumblebees, are essential to food production and more, that doesn’t mean you must tolerate them building their nest right next to your home. Controlling bees is a delicate task. However, using the right method, you can safely deter bees from nesting in your yard and near your home. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc will share more about bumblebees and what you can do to help prevent them in your yard.

Bumble Bee Identification

Bumblebees on average grow between ½ inch to 1 ½ inches in length. Bumblebees can grow rather long and be intimidating to look at. Bumblebees have the classic black coloring with yellow or white stripes or bands. Bumblebees are also fuzzy with short stubby legs and a robust body.

Do Bumble Bees Make Honey?

Bumble bees feed on nectar and pollen as well as the honey they make. Bumble bees can be found in a variety of environments, seeking out food. Bumble bees will go anywhere from 5 to 12 miles away from their nest to seek out food to bring back home.

Do Bumble Bee Stings Hurt?

When people see a bumble bee they assume they will be stung on site. However, bees in general are not like that. Bees only sting intruders, meaning those who are threatening their nest or hive. Different species of bees will have different tolerance to intruders. Some species will attack anything within 100 feet of the nest, while others won’t bother anyone unless they are directly attacking the nest. Another common misconception is that a bee will die once they sting an intruder. Yes, there are some, but only a few species. A bumble bee has a smooth stinger and can sting an intruder multiple times with no consequences. If a bumble bee hive is found in the yard, it is recommended to seek professional pest and bee removal services.

Bumble Bee Pest Inspections, Control & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

When controlling bumble bees you will want to begin early in spring before the new queens begin looking for new nesting sites. There are a number of ways to gently deter queens from nesting near your home. First you will want to cover potential nesting sites. Bumble bees like to build their nest in the holes of trees, brick, and even in the ground. A young queen can chew through soft or damp wood. Around the home make sure to cover or fill in holes with a filler such as silicone glue or cement putty. Cover larger gaps with wire meshing to prevent them from entering areas such as the attic or in your dryer vents. Inspect around the yard for other potential nesting sites and remove them. This can include a pile of yard waste, dense vegetation, and holes in the ground. During the spring when the overwintering female emerges, watch for nesting activity and deter her efforts to make her nest. If you discover bumble bees near your home this spring, during the summer or have other pest problems, contact Animal Pest Management Services, Inc today.

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