Diseases & Damage Caused by Roosting Birds & Their Droppings in Palm Springs, CA

Birds can be problematic for commercial businesses, especially eateries, bakeries, food processing plants and warehouses. In large numbers, birds can cause major damage to structures along with spreading disease and parasites. Some of the most common species of nuisance birds include pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, gulls and myna birds.

Problems Caused by Birds on Commercial Properties

1. Bird fouling & droppings: Bird droppings can collect in roosting sites marking and staining pavement which can then become a trip hazard. Birds can also leave droppings behind on vehicles parked close to your establishment and soil materials stored by your buildings causing irreparable damage that can result in monetary loss to your business.
2. Physical damage to the property: Larger bird species are often responsible for dislodging roof tiles while their droppings are capable of corroding paint, metal, stone, wood and other building materials. Birds often access roofing resulting in damage to insulation which can lead to expensive repair bills for the property owner.
3. Spread of disease: Bird droppings often contain a multitude of bacteria, parasites, and viruses which have the ability to contaminate surfaces, products, food and other items. Diseases spread by bird droppings include E.coli and Salmonella both of which result in symptoms including diarrhea, fever and cramping to the individuals exposed.
4. Spread of parasites and other insects: Birds are known carriers of mites, ticks, lice, and fleas which often infest their nests and roosting areas before spreading around building structures. Bird nests infested with parasites are a food source that will attract other insects including carpet beetles and moths. Before you know it you will have a major pest problem on your hands.
5. Blocking drain systems: Birds build nests which can block gutters and drain pipes resulting in flooding. Blocked gutters result in leaks and other complications such as damaged plaster, rotten wood, corrosion, and damage to flooring and walls inside the building.
6. Contamination of food products: Warehouses and food storage facilities sustain costly damage especially when birds gain access to grain and other stored goods. Birds enter structures through doors, windows, ventilation, and damaged roofing where they will destroy food package, soil food products and spread disease through their droppings.
7. Aggressive behavior: Birds are known to be aggressive especially during mating and nesting seasons. Gulls for example with swoop and attack individuals who venture too close to their nests. This can become problematic and affect your business productivity especially when birds are left to their own devises roosting and nesting undisturbed.

Signs of Bird Nesting

As the owner of a business it is important that you understand and recognize the signs of a bird infestation around your property. Some of the most common signs of a bird infestation include: bird activity along roof lines, ledges, and cables, signs of bird droppings on roofs, ledges, vehicles, and paved areas, bird noises, signs of bird nests along roofs, gutters, and beams, feathers and other bird related debris.

Nuisance Bird Inspections, Control & Removal in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

If you find signs of bird activity in or around your Southern California commercial or industrial property, contact the knowledgeable experts at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. to learn more about professional bird exclusion, trapping and removal services.

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