Bald Faced Hornet Facts in Victorville, CA; Are These Stinging Insects Aggressive Around Nests?

The Bald Faced Hornet is found in North America where they build large paper like nests which are home to a large and social colony. Bald faced hornets are often call white faced hornets. However, bald faced hornets aren’t actually true hornets. They are actually wasps. Bald faced hornets are closely related to Yellow Jacket Wasps. Animal Pest Management Services will share more about the bald faced hornet and how you can help control wasps around your home.

Bald Faced Hornet Identification

Bald faced hornets have a stout body with white and black markings on the front of their head and on their abdomen. It is the white marking on its head that gives the bald faced hornets their name. Due to the Bald-faced Hornet body shape and size, they are often mistaken for bees. It’s their wings that help identify them as wasps. They have long transparent black-colored wings that extend away from their body, unlike those of the bees. Bald-faced Hornets are known to create large ball shaped nests that can be three feet tall. They typically build their nest high in tree tops, bushes and even in the corners of porches or patios.

Where Do Bald Faced Hornets Live?

Bald faced hornets can be found all across America. However, they are primarily found in the southeastern parts of America. Bald faced hornets will feed on both insects and pollen, much like yellow jackets and just like Yellow Jackets they are attracted to meat. The essential diet of the bald faced hornet is protein and carbohydrates which they get from pollen.

Bald Faced Hornet Caste; Queen, Drones & Workers

Bald faced hornets colonies have three different members. There is, of course, the Queen who is the heart of the colony. Next there are the drones and workers. Each member has its own task. The drone mates with receptive queens. In turn, the queen lays the eggs and the workers do all of the heavy lifting. The workers build the nest, feed and care for the nymphs and scavenge for food.

Are Bald Faced Hornets Aggressive?

Like other social insects, they will aggressively defend the nest and their queen. Bald faced hornets have a smooth stinger that injects venom into an intruder. Since their stingers are smooth they have the ability to sting more then once. Most nests are constructed during spring where the work gathers wood fiber to make their nest. The queens are the only one able to survive winter. Therefore, during the spring, a single female will search for a place to begin the first stages of the nest. It is during this time you will want to prevent a bald faced hornet nest from developing around your home and yard.

Bald Faced Nest Prevention

During the spring keep a sharp eye out for a nest in early development. As you discover a queen bald faced hornet beginning to make a nest, knock it down with a broom to prevent her from laying her eggs. As you continually remove the nest, the queen will look for a better and safer place to the build here nest. Never remove an established nest on your own. If you have found a mature wasp nest, contact a professional pest control company.

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With temperatures warming up, now is the time to prevent wasps from nesting too close to your home. If you need help removing a wasp nest, contact Animal Pest Management Services. We are here for all of your pest control needs.

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