Are Spiders Dangerous when They Bite in Inglewood, CA? What Attracts Spider Infestations?

There is something about the creepy long legs of spiders, and the way they sneak around the house in dark places, that makes them one of the most feared pests by humans. Many people are frightened by the sight of spiders in their house, and may be wondering if those spiders are posing a danger to them. Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. is here to talk all about spiders you may find in your home and the threat, or lack thereof, that they pose to you.

Are Spiders a Threat?

If you have found spiders in your home, have no fear, they are most likely not dangerous. Did you know that there are over 3000 spider species found in the United States? Of those species, only about 60 of them pose any threat to humans. Many spiders don’t even have any venom; and even the ones that do, aren’t really interested in wasting it on you. They save their venom for their prey and will only bite humans as a defense mechanism. Most spiders are actually afraid of you and will avoid you at all costs.

Most Common Venomous Spiders

There are two common venomous spiders that you need to have reason to fear. The black widow and brown recluse. Most of the time, black widows are spotted outside. Rarely, do they want anything to do with the inside of your home. Brown recluse spiders on the other hand, are commonly found in dark places. Their name says it all, they are not a social spider and will hide from humans at all costs. Because these two spiders do pose a threat to humans, you should avoid them and call on professionals any time that you do see them.

Common Household Spiders

The most common spiders found in houses are web building spiders. Spiders that build cobwebs and orb weave spiders are usually found hidden in the dark recesses of your home where they can easily catch prey. The most common place you will find spiders is in a basement, crawlspace, attics and cellars.

Pests Attract Spiders

The most pests you have in and around your home, the more likely you are to have spiders in your home. They need to have a decent food source in order to survive as well as warmth. These two things make your home a great place to set up shop. If spiders are left for long periods of time, undisturbed, they are more likely to build large nests and lay eggs there.

Spider Pest Inspections, Control, Removal & More in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside & San Diego Counties, California

Because they will lay eggs and reproduce when they are left alone, it is important that you stay on top of a spider problem in your home. The experts at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. have the training and experience to easily get rid of your spider problem as well as other pest problems that may be attracting the spiders in the first place. Call us today!

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