Are Silverfish & Earwig Infestations in Your Apple Valley, CA House & Garden Harmful?

Silverfish have been around a while and predate the dinosaurs by about 100 million years, perhaps one of the oldest bugs around. Shiny gray or silvery in color they go from about ½ inch to 1 inch in length. For all that time they have never evolved to have wings like most insects. They are most active at night. Freaky, but they don’t bite and are not poisonous. The are not linked to pathogen transfer. The only real danger is they can trigger an allergic reaction in some of us. But they are tough to control.

Tips to Get Rid of Silverfish

• Like most bugs silverfish like to eat. They prefer dry goods like cereals, grains and pasta, so you need to limit their access to these foods and keep pet foods in airtight containers.
• Cleanliness is another control method. Vacuuming flooring, carpets and upholstery removes fallen crumbs that constitute a food source.
• Unlined dirt crawl spaces attract moisture. Moisture attracts lots of bug species, not only silverfish.
• Silverfish like lots of moisture. Use dehumidifiers to lower the water count in your home.
• Caulking and paint not only help to increase curb appeal but prevent your multilegged neighbors from hanging around or moving in. Sealing the doors and window are important.

DIY VS Professional Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish control is difficult. Those homes with wooden shingles are particularly vulnerable. It is the mold that is prone to grow on exposed wooden surfaces that silverfish relish. Silverfish infestations require the know-how of a pest control professional and are difficult for the DIYer to control themselves.

Earwig Infestation in House

Earwigs are scary. The pincers, where most bugs have stingers on the tail of the abdomen are intimidating. But like the silverfish they are not know or associated with any pathogens. There about 20 varieties or species of earwigs in the US. Some do produce a foul-smelling liquid for defensive purposes. The bug produces pheromones that can cause clustering of multiple members. Oh, and they don’t burrow into your brain through your ears. Big myth, but given their appearance this is somewhat understandable.

Earwigs in Garden; Good or Bad?

Cover, wet soil and food? Sounds like a garden. Earwigs can seriously compromise the health of a garden. They find live sprouts a delicacy and thrive on decaying vegetable matter as well. Some species can be predators. Predatory earwigs are less common than those who dine on rotting vegetation. Other earwigs like seedlings. They like these tender shoots and because of this, earwigs can damage crops and garden plants and injury can be deep to the point of nonproductive growth.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs

Another disquieting fact is that earwigs can move quite fast. They active at night being primarily nocturnal. They are attracted to lighting, therefore they can and will invade porches and patios, and they gather under cushion left out overnight. Earwigs prefer cool, damp areas and may enter during extended dry periods. The proactive move is to eliminate hiding places. Keep landscaping timbers, stones and firewood piles away from the foundation, works for a lot of bug species besides earwigs. Create a zone next to the foundation free of mulch, dead leaves and other organic materials, and try to keep it dry and it should be between 6-12 inches wide. Earwigs climb so trim overhead branches. Gutters and downspouts should be clear of organic debris and kept as dry as possible. Yellow bulbs are less attractive than white light. Point outside light towards house pulling the insects away from the house. Seal the house, windows and doors and vents, prevention is better than dealing with the problem. A dehumidifier will dry out moist areas, like basements and laundry rooms.

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