Are Coyotes Dangerous? How to Keep Hunting Coyote Packs Out of Your Yard in Twentynine Palms, CA

With millions of different animals out there it is hard to know every detail about every single one of them. There might be certain animals that you find particularly intriguing that you know a large amount about. Or maybe you have researched some animals that you have frequent contact with and wanted to know more about. Here at Animal Pest Management Services, Inc. we have taken the time to research information about many different animals and bugs. Today we want to share some of the information that we have learned about coyotes. We have gathered this information about coyotes as we have helped our clients get rid of coyotes on their property. Hopefully this information will be interesting to you.

Coyote Behavior

Coyotes are members of the Canidae family. They share many characteristics with their relatives. Some of their most well-known relatives are wolves, dogs, foxes, and jackals. They are very intelligent animals. Their sense of hearing, smell, and sight are extremely heightened. At night coyotes are known to howl at the moon. They do this to let other coyotes know where they are at. If you have ever seen a coyote run you know that they are very quick. They can actually run up to 40 miles per hour.

How to Identify a Coyote

Coyotes have narrow, elongated snouts, lean bodies, yellow eyes, bushy tails and thick fur. They are about the size of a medium-size dog. From their head to their rump they are 32 to 37 inches in length. Their tail is an additional 16 inches in length. They weight between 20 to 50 pounds. Their fur can be gray, white, tan, or brown. The color is determined by where they live. Coyotes that live in the desert have lighter coats while those that live in the mountains are darker.

What Do Coyotes Eat?

When coyotes are hungry they will eat just about anything. Many people mistakenly think that they only eat meat. Coyotes actually eat meat and vegetation. They eat rodents, rabbits, fish, frogs, deer, snakes, insects, fruit, and grass. If they are in an area where there is livestock and pets outside they will eat those as well. In dire circumstances they will even eat garbage.

Coyote Hunting & Sleeping

Coyotes have some interesting habits. When they are hunting they will sleep during the day so that they can hunt at night. This is why you typically only hear coyotes howling at night. Most of the time coyotes prefer to live on their own. When they are hunting deer, they will form packs and work together to kill their prey.

Coyote Population

You can find coyotes in many different parts of the world. They roam the plains, forests, mountains, and deserts of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. As the population throughout the world continues coyotes are becoming more and more common in big cities as well.

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